Another patent suggests NX controller could have detachable components
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Another patent suggests NX controller could have detachable components

An old Nintendo patent has been updated with modular components.

Another patent has emerged suggesting the Nintendo NX could feature a controller with detachable and interchangeable components.

This patent was filed in 2014, but has been recently updated to include detachable modular components.

There have been numerous reports already that the NX controller will allow sections, like the D-Pad or face buttons, to be swapped to change the layout of the controller. There have also been reports different parts of the controller could be used by two players in multiplayer.

Patent images posted by Nintendo Life show what appears to be an initial design that includes a single detachable component on the top righthand of the controller.


A more complex version of the same concept shows the controller with four detachable components.



Patents are by no means a strong indication of what’s to come, but the evidence is mounting suggesting Nintendo’s next controller will be modular.

Ben Salter

Ben Salter

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