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Marvel Heroes’ Gazillion Entertainment shuttered earlier than expected

Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment appears to have laid off its staff early, just on the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States. Many (ex-)Gazillion staffers...

Marvel to shut down Marvel Heroes MMORPG

Marvel will soon shut down Marvel Heroes, it recently declared. The MMORPG is currently available in two flavours; Marvel Heroes has been available on PC since 2013,...

Marvel Heroes Omega Review: The ultimate alliance

I was very dismayed to see that Activision had out-Activisioned itself when it came to the re-release of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate...

Marvel Heroes Omega delayed to the end of June on PS4, Xbox One

Marvel Heroes Omega will launch on both Xbox One and PS4 at the end of June, Gazillion Entertainment today announced. The console versions of the PC-based Marvel...

Marvel Heroes heads to PS4, Xbox One as Marvel Heroes Omega

The free-to-play Marvel Heroes heads to both Xbox One and PS4 as Marvel Heroes Omega later this year. Already available on PC, data will not be transferable...

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