SHARE is nothing without its dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate staff. Every member of the staff comes from a different gaming background, and our pooled experience brings you the nothing but the latest news, previews and reviews.

stevewName: Steve Wright
Role: Editor-in-Chief
Gamertags: Stevivor (Xbox, PSN, Steam, GameCenter)
Bio: Steve Wright, aka Stevivor: A Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, ice hockey player/fan, beer aficionado and tech trainer.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres: Superheroes, survival horror and sci-fi
More info: Twitter, Website,
Name: Ben Salter
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: Gryllis (Xbox, PSN)
Bio: Former editor of, Ben now spends his days hoping Nintendo doesn’t do something ridiculous with NX, and pointlessly writing modern-day Seinfeld episodes (on the back of coasters at the pub). Sometimes he still plays and writes down his complaints about games, so you don’t have to.
Favourite system: GameCube and Xbox One
Favourite genres: Action/adventure, platformer and FPS
More info: Twitter
stugName: Stuart Gollan
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: Gollennium (Xbox)
Bio: I’m determined to share my love of games with the world, through writing here at Stevivor and by bringing the joy of couch multiplayer to friends, family and door to door salesmen. Johann Sebastian Joust challenges will always be accepted.
Favourite system:
Favourite genres:
More info: Twitter, Website
nicholassName: Nicholas Simonovski
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: Anchorman Mazda (Xbox)
Bio: Freelance Writer / Ranter / Automotive Aficionado / Mazda RX8 owner.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres: Racing
More info: Twitter, Website
shanewName: Shane Wall
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: triggerxxi (Xbox, Nintendo, GameCentre), ninetynineknives (PSN)
Bio: A game geek turned audio engineer/musician. Balancing my life between video games, music and science fiction.
Favourite system: Xbox 360, 3DS XL
Favourite genres: JRPG
More info: Twitter
 hamishlName: Hamish Lindsay
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: Hammer Guy (XBL), HammerGuy (LoL), doc_hog (PSN)
Bio: Avid reader and general geek, justifying the time I spend gaming by writing about them. Been playing video games most of my life and I’m still average at them.
Favourite system: PC, PSX, PS2
Favourite genres: MOBA, RPG, Stealth, Horror
More info: Twitter, Website
 mattpName: Matt Gosper
Role: Senior Editor
Gamertags: ampersandcomma (Xbox), theponk (PSN, Steam)
Bio: An Adelaide-based gay gamer who works for The Internet. Budding ‘artist’ and all-around geek. I’ll beat you at Mario Kart, and lose to you in any shooter you can name.
Favourite systems: Xbox 360, PS3
Favourite genres: RPG, indie, and platformer
More info: Twitter
andrewhName: Andrew Harrison
Gamertags: EspionageMonkey (Xbox, PSN, Steam)
Role: Editor
Bio: EspionageMonkey, aka Harry, is a father of 3 and husband of 1. It’s all about the family who all game with him, making the whole hobby better. A massive fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Couch co-op is the bomb!
Favourite systems: Xbox 360, PC
Favourite genres: JRPGs, FPS
More info: Twitter
willkName: Will Kostakis
Role: Editor
Gamertags: wakobill (Xbox, PSN)
Bio: Screenwriter, author, gamer and purveyor of all things inappropriate.
Favourite system: PS3
Favourite genres: Adventure, JRPG, Terrible/addictive PSN puzzle games
More info: Website, Twitter
 andygName: Andy Gray
Role: Editor
Gamertags: WildMN34 (Xbox, PSN)
Bio: Video Gamer, Hockey fan, and dog trainer. Yeah, interesting combination.
Favourite system: Xbox 360
Favourite genres: RPG, Racing, FPS
More info: Twitter
lukelName: Luke Lawrie
Role: Editor
Gamertags: Crash maeng (Xbox), Crash1337 (PSN)
Bio: Day job working in IT, spare time spent playing video games and writing about them.
Favourite system: PC
Favourite genres: Just about anything
More info: Twitter
jayballName: Jay Ball
Role: Editor
Gamertags: Ballzup (XBL), BallzupJB (PSN)
Bio: Proud father, tech nerd, amateur rev head, and heavy metal obsessed. Have been gaming since the late 80’s and am forever fighting procrastination in order to recommence my ongoing quest for more tattoos.
Favourite system: PS4, Xbox One
Favourite genres: FPS, Action Adventure, Arcade racers, Platforming, Classic Arcade
More info: Twitter
Name: Julian Rizzo-Smith
Role: Editor
Gamertags: Ratewes (PSN), Retawes (Steam)
Bio: Struggling millennial multi-platform journalist suffering from insomnia and a saturation of memes. Produces videos, podcasts and written content about video games for a living. Huge weeb, too.
Favourite system: PS2, 3DS
Favourite genres: RPGs, action-adventure, indie and casual multiplayer
More info: Twitter, Facebook, Website and YouTube