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Review: Here They Lie

I didn’t think it was possible, but PlayStation VR finally made me throw up. Driveclub VR didn’t do it. VR Worlds’ VR Luge didn’t do it – but Here They Lie certainly did.

A horror title developed by The Tangentleman, Here They Lie drips with promise. A strong open sets an ominous tone, with a mysterious woman the only splash of colour in a dark, dreary world. Ashen, muten tones make way for some grotesque imagery…

… and then you’re reaching for a bucket to vomit into.

Here They Lie uses a strange control system where your head acts as the DualShock 4’s right stick, and the actual controller’s left stick provides movement. The right stick of the DualShock, rendered useless, projects you throughout the world; hold down on it, and the game instantly shifts your field of view directly behind where you were previously looking. While that feature alone is sick-inducing, movement in general is just as nauseating.

What follows next is lacklustre. Predictable jump scares, ringing telephones, spooky notes, guys in animal masks humping things and malfunctioning flashlights litter the landscape, and with each new instance, you’re left less and less impressed. Take your pick; this could be a result of mickey mouse writing or because you’re more concerned with how much game you can take before you need a sick break.

Ultimately a linear walking simulator in the vein of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Here They Lie is a noble attempt at a horror game. Compared to experiences like Kitchen and Resident Evil 7, it proves a different experience, certainly, but a very flawed one as well. It’s an important first step in an emerging genre, but one that you’re best to avoid.

That is, unless you’ve a strong stomach.

Here They Lie was reviewed using a promotional code on PS4 using PS VR, as provided by the publisher.


Review: Here They Lie
3 out of 10

The good

  • Cool premise.

The bad

  • Horrible delivery.
  • This one’ll make you feel ill.

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