Death Stranding Review: Dead on arrival

Kojima Productions’ Hideo Kojima has asserted he’s created an entirely new genre known as “social strand system” for his first post-Konami title, Death Stranding. Since he struggles to define the genre, we’re happy to help – it’s one in which a developer aims to make a feature film and then realises far too late in the process that they’re developing a game instead… and that it requires actual gameplay. Sadly, what’s been slapped together is frustrating beyond belief, invalidating any enjoyment potentially found within. Let me be clear: Death Stranding is an irredeemable piece of garbage that should serve as a warning to publishers who give developers carte blanche to create “art”.

Death Stranding starts off just as quirkily as any Metal Gear Solid game before it; very early on, you’re asked to enter your date of birth. I did so, indicating I was an Aquarius, and was quickly stopped dead in my tracks by a message that advised other star signs provided an option for better powers. I sat there scratching my head for a solid five minutes wondering if I should restart and lie before setting off into the world of the embattled United Cities of America, a USA weakened by a disconnected people and infrastructure.

“We still have an America worthy of the presidency,” one UCA member lamented. “If we all don’t come together again, humanity will not survive,” said another. This is Kojima thinking he’s woven some amazing allegory about the current state of America. You’ll be beaten over the head with it several times an hour as you sit through cutscene after cutscene with characters telling you as much. It’s about as edgy as the decision to add in what amounts to an in-game currency based on social media Likes.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a courier (or Porter) working for a company called Bridges; the kind of organisation that feels the need to plaster its logo on literally everything. If you thought Sam’s name was strange, he’s not out of place — like other characters who could double as Mega Man villains named Deadman and Heartman, the head of Bridges is named Die-Hardman. He’s the right-hand man to the current president – not that a corporation backing a presidency would ever be problematic – and wears a mask that helps to hide a hidden past because Kojima thinks that’s cool as hell.

After sitting through about an hour of expository cutscenes, walking from location to location to kick off the next, I really shouldn’t have been surprised that the actual gameplay to follow would consist of walking from once place to the other. As part of a bid to reconnect Bridges’ facilities with independent prepper headquarters around the country to include them in a larger a Chiral Network, Sam becomes a pack mule. His goal is to connect the network’s nodes together, but that really means he needs to function as an agent of Amazon Prime, delivering whatever someone wants to them as a means of convincing them to join the UCA and fix America. Sometimes, you’ll have to deliver multiple packages to people because why not be stubborn when the fate of the country and your ultimate survival is at stake?

Sam’s long journey will take him from the east to west (and west to east) coast of America; a land dotted with obstacles in the form of BTs, entities of the dead stuck in the land of the living, or humans who are either mercenaries (MULEs) or apocalypse-loving anti-Porters lead by an incel in yet another mask voiced by Troy Baker. Truly, Sam’s biggest opponent is the small rock, an enemy found all around America and far more dangerous than any BT or MULE. Sam has the dexterity of a drunken infant, stumbling over the smallest obstacle and swaying to the left or right with a minimal load placed upon his back. Don’t get me started on what happens after you layer package upon package upon the stack, a tower of wares comically reaching up to the sky.

I can’t stress how boring the core gameplay loop of Death Stranding is, nor how often you’ll be falling over going through its motions. If you’re not falling, you’ll be mashing the L2 and R2 buttons (or both mouse buttons) in order to regain balance or steady yourself after tripping on an ankle-high obstacle. Sam’s got a scanner that will evaluate the lay of the land around you – green means he might not trip for a minute, while yellow and red are going to give him problems. Hardly anything is green.

Hilariously enough, after forty-five or fifty hours of utterly bullsh*t controls, you get to enjoy movement without these hindrances during the game’s credits. Here, Sam is legitimately fun to control, bounding up ledges and jumping like a normal human being. I was going to include a comparison video here, but I’m not permitted to share any media captured after Episode 4. Anyways, after you’ve sworn in frustration over small hills, Kojima decides it’s time to amp it up, offering cliff faces that require ladders or climbing gear to overcome.

While fighting the environment, you’re also dealing with other management systems that impact Sam’s stamina and the quality of his clothing. His boots wear as a result of use, meaning you’ll need to use active Chiral Network nodes to make new pairs; you’ll end up fabricating more boots than Sex and the City’s Carrie has worn in her entire fictional lifetime. You are also able to make other objects like small bridges that will slowly degrade as a result of timefall, rain that speeds up the aging process of anything it touches. You’ll need to lug supplies, like metals and special alloys, over to the objects to restore or upgrade them. If you climb a slope or fight a river current without pausing for rest, you’ll lose stamina. Thankfully though, you can replenish that meter through a canteen of not water, but delicious Monster Energy drink (the first picture’s from PS4 and the highly detailed second one is from PC).

It’s very hard to entertain the idea that Kojima’s piece is high art when it’s happily spruiking Monster Energy drink each time you slide down a cliff face or take a gander at a table in your private room decorated with endless cans of the swill. When Sam takes a sh*t – surprisingly, useful for weaponry (no really) — you’ll be treated to an ad for Norman Reedus’ RIDE on AMC. You can also get a vehicle plastered in RIDE decals too, in case you needed more product placement in your video game.

I’m digressing, so let’s get back to how bad Death Standing’s core mechanics truly are. After a couple hours of wanting to throw Sam off a cliff and end it all – I mean, you can try that, but as a repatriate Sam can’t actually die and instead comes back to life after a strange cutscene in which his BT-detecting Bridge Baby tries to climb out his esophagus – Kojima decides to throw you a bone. You get vehicles. You get cargo skeletons that boost your strength, and even gloves to handle equipment more easily. When things almost become enjoyable and it becomes less of an all-out struggle to move through the UCA and connect the Macguffin-like Chiral Network, Kojima pulls the rug out from under you.

You’re told to scale a mountain, ditching vehicles and your skeleton to trudge through waist-high snow drifts and ridiculously steep cliff faces. Sam then has to backtrack across that mountain a couple times. When you think you’re in the clear, you’re asked to do it once more for good measure, but with a bomb that’ll explode if Sam trips. Newsflash: Sam always trips. Occasionally, you’ll also have to transport bodies both live and dead by strapping them onto your back. I could feel myself outwardly, unconrollably cringing when Sam apologises to the lazy live ones after falling over as if they’re doing him a favour and not the other way around.

With overly long cutscenes and a constant goal to backtrack from where you’ve just came, it takes approximately forty-five hours to finish Death Stranding. The whole way though you’ll actively be sitting with controller in hand thinking Kojima has zero respect for your time. While there is fast travel, you can’t use it to actually transport the goods in Sam’s care; near the end of the game you’re forced to backtrack from one end of the continent back to the other with that functionality stripped from your arsenal. Occasionally, the monotony of Sam’s travels will be broken up by random, illogical curveballs thrown so far from left field that you’ll need to rely on on-screen tooltips (or “Helpful Hints” as they’re called) to help you understand what you’re supposed to be doing. Here’s a helpful hint for you: that’s poor design.

Oh, combat! There’s combat. You can shoot guns or lob grenades at humans or giant inky BT animal-things. You can use stealth too, but it’s honestly faster to just speed away past the MULES or just to get caught by the BTs so you can beat ’em up and move on. While combat feels as if it was ripped straight from Metal Gear Solid and is as polished as visuals delivered through the Decima game engine, don’t get too excited; you’ll hardly be fighting.

While Kojima undeniably needed to be reined in all throughout this entire spectacle, there are some decent ideas and beats scattered throughout Death Stranding. The world is utterly gorgeous, even though there’s hardly any diversity in design — there’s only one large and one small facility type and just three biomes to be explored: lush and green, brown and rocky, and finally, snowy and mountainous. Equally to his credit, Kojima has assembled a cast that brings his largely one-dimensional characters to life.

While the notion of connecting America gets old quickly – especially because you’re playing through Courier Simulator 2019 (or 2020 on PC) mixed with the arduousness of climbing the initial towers of Assassin’s Creed (and AC franchise creator Patrice Desilets has just apologised for that design, by the way), Death Stranding has this wonderful functionality that lets you build structures in your world and have them accessible by other players in their own. This concept truly is the core of the “strand” genre that Kojima thinks he’s created and I’m all for it… though I wish there was a cap on useless thumbs-up signs that fellow players could throw in my path.

Stranding is useful when it comes to actual structures. I started to build a paved road between two delivery locations and marvelled as fellow reviewers added to it, making it easier to move between the two centres, or Knots (this was obviously before the mountain from hell). As time wore on high upon said hellish landscape, players began to work together by building a connection of ziplines that meant the difference between a five or a fifteen-minute total transport time (though don’t get too excited as Kojima in his infinite wisdom decided to put sections of terrain in where helpful objects like this simply can’t be built, meaning on-foot you’ll go). This notion of connection and working together truly is brilliant but is repeatedly overshadowed by the likes of Deadman and Heartman insisting that working together will not only save America, but everyone within it. Show, Kojima – don’t tell.

Death Standing‘s story – the one thing I thought might have been able to salvage things when fully played out – is passable at best. It establishes rules that it quickly discards: dead bodies become BTs, except when they don’t; timefall is rain that can instantly age a crow to decomposition but will only age a man to around 65 even though he’s continually exposed (and that same timefall can deteriorate vehicles and containers but your clothing’s somehow immune). A handful of big reveals are simply absurd and don’t make up for the fact that you’ve spent far too long smashing on your shoulder buttons to stay upright.

The problem with Death Stranding is that Hideo Kojima has become wholly self-indulgent, making something I’m sure he considers a masterpiece. Death Stranding is anything but, with its head so far up its own ass it’s almost funny. It has four title cards in total, popping up as you play, and will roll two complete sets of credits before you’ve finished. It goes on and on and on, thinking — falsely — that you’re enthralled in what’s occuring. If this is the type of project that Kojima insists to make, I suggest he move from games to TV shows or feature films. Being weird for the sake of weirdness isn’t enough — while Kojima hopes to hit the same level of work as David Lynch or Sam Lake (if we want to keep it in the same industry) he falls very short. Even if Death Stranding’s narrative was good — and it’s not — a game needs to have actual gameplay. What you find within is abysmal; frustrating, tedious and beyond repair — even with the addition of DLSS on PC. It is to be avoided at all costs.


3.5 out of 10

The good

  • Death Stranding looks amazing and is well-polished.
  • A suberb cast doing wonders with one-dimensional characters.

The bad

  • Courier Simulator 2019/2020 while controlling a character with the balance of a drunken child.
  • Timefall at a slower pace — this was forty-five hours of my life I can’t get back.
  • This is not games-as-art. It would have been better as a television show or film.


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Steve Wright

Steve's the owner of this very site and an active games journalist for the past ten years. He's a Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, ice hockey player and fan. Husband to Matt and cat dad to Wally and Quinn.


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  • good review I just felt that you went harsh a little bit but after the mountain of hype I don’t blame you, also I hope form the ones who disagree with your review explain why instead of throwing Ad hominem at your way.thanks

    • It like the reviewer who give the movie Joker a scror of 20 just becuase she didn’t like what the movie is. A lot of site give the game pretty good score, some even 100. And here you have a 20, its safe to say he just trolling.

    • It like the reviewer who give the movie Joker a scror of 20 just becuase she didn’t like what the movie is. A lot of site give the game pretty good score, some even 100. And here you have a 20, its safe to say he just trolling.

      • I think Metacritic say its 30! I think that is usual , believe it or not there are a lot of reviewers who think TLOU is a trash and that game got 95 on Metacritic! it just opinions mate.

      • Instead of assuming the 3.5 score is trolling, why not consider the 100 reviews as questionable?

        Even the sites praising the game have said the same thing, the gameplay is dull, repetitive, boring. How can a review that features any of those words give a 10/10 or a 100/100?

        People too afraid to piss on Sony’s parade.

        • You should probably take off that tin foil hat lol.

          So its perfectly acceptable for someone to give this a bad review but if someone actually likes the game its BS? Are you really this sad of a person in real life?

          • It’s not a conspiracy, it’s marketing. If you have a game worth potentially hundreds of millions, would you risk losing even 10% of that by giving the game to people that reviewed your games poorly in the past? Or would you give it to people with a track record of defending/praising the lead developer regardless of anything else?

            Liking a game and giving a game max score are two different things. Personally, based on what I have read, this review does seem harsh, but he is entitled to his opinion and I respect that.

            Likewise someone is entitled to give it a 100/100 but I would question that when the same person calls the game boring and repetitive. I’m sorry but the last thing I want or expect when playing a 10/10 game is to be bored.

            I am neither sad nor wearing a tinfoil hat but if you think this industry is actually honest and decent, you’re not looking hard enough :D

        • Doesn’t really explain the average joes that went in expecting to hate the game and wound up adoring it, though. I personally have watched several streamers I follow go into the game expecting to hate it, actually kinda hating it for a few hours, and saying it’s maybe their GOTY by the end. There’s also one Pat Boivin who has been loving it since the start. It’s a good game. It’s mechanically complex and satisfying, just as much as MGSV was. It’s just that the thing those mechanics are serving is getting from point A to B rather than murdering dudes, which may not be for everyone, but is totally a valid design decision. Too many people are talking about HOW DARE HE MAKE A WALKING SIM and not whether or not he made a good walking sim, which I think he very much did. Judge art by how well it achieved its goals, not by how much it isn’t a thing it was never trying to be in the first place.

      • You are wrong. If it was Kojima, it’d be,
        “I love America! My game no can fail because I love America!

        Comment by Hideo Kojima, Typing by Hideo Kojima, Proof-Spelling by Hideo Kojima… and also 100+ people who actually made the game but whose names aren’t as important”

      • You are wrong. If it was Kojima, it’d be,
        “I love America! My game no can fail because I love America!

        Comment by Hideo Kojima, Typing by Hideo Kojima, Proof-Spelling by Hideo Kojima… and also 100+ people who actually made the game but whose names aren’t as important”

  • The typical clickbait rewiew to have notoriety in metacritic and have visitors and advertising

    Of course can be a bad game, but the intention of this rewiew is obvious.

    • 85 on metacritic, it could be polarising, but not 3/10 is laughable. If the game is not a broken mess it doesn’t deserve this score.

      • Exactly. There’s not liking it and then there’s obvious hyperbole. Especially the language used is just…not professional. Acts like the game kicked his dog or something.

  • I am a Playstation fan but i agree with you some points. It is one of those “interactive” “story-based” that you play for an hour and never look back.
    I would love to play it of course, but to pay full $60 is a bit much tbh.

  • It’s a breath of fresh air to read this. I hope you’re prepared for the wash of hate you’re going to receive from the army of players that revere Kojima as some kind of god-like figure that can do no wrong.

    So many reviews, even those giving it 10/10, have criticized repetitive, bland, and frustrating gameplay. I can’t say for sure the 3.5 is fully justified, as much as I cannot believe the 10/10 reviews to be reliable either, but I’m excited to see how much of a bore this game is.

    Odd eh? :D

    • Lucho Carías I found breakpoint to be really fun to play. Ended up putting 70+ hours into it with no regrets. Everyone I was playing it with was enjoying it too. Some weird bugs but in general it was good. I don’t understand all the negativity about it

  • This game seems to be getting scores going from 3, all the way up to 9. Seems to be one of those games that is entirely dependent on a person’s own taste determining its quality. Although, I guess that’s true of everything.

  • Your website is complete garbage, you rate Breakpoint at 7/10 and give this one 3.5 when every other website gave Breakpoint bad reviews and DS positive ones. You just murdered every credibility you had

  • Your thought about this i Guess It would be similar of your First mom’ s thought when She saw you for the First (but Even the Second, the third, the fourth,..) time ?
    Tell US the Truth.. did the nuns beat you when you where child?

  • Good job on getting clicks by sacrificing your integrity, buddy. Just shows that reviews on this website can’t be trusted

  • Really good review. Too much concept in this game, it’s obvious since the announcement it would work better as a movie, not a game.

    • That’s like saying american truck simulator would work better as a movie. Things are allowed to be things you’re not personally into, ya know. There’s nothing inherently invalid about making a game based around traversal and making deliveries.

  • All the reviews in the entire world says the same things.

    The only difference is other gives much high socre (Sony Bribe)

  • I unfortunately think that the game being this bad is quite possible from what I gathered from other reviewers that thought this game was good. Seems that he throws weirdness for weirdness sake and focus way too much on the walking side of the game. Bosses being easy (SkillUp) is something that also worries me way too much

  • The amount of people salty just because the reviewer doesn’t gargle kojimas balls is frankly hilarious. Being weird doesn’t make a game good.

  • it is you the rubbish you should see ashamed of so much kojima salt, you deserve not to test such a masterpiece masterpiece you are just jealous with no ames bands of mankind worlds worst sites all the others testers put wonderful notes you are pitifu

  • Good to see an honest score given. Other reviewers are saying how dull and monotonous the game play is yet are scoring it in the 90s. Pathetic.

  • I love this idea that because he gave the game a low rating that his view is more “honest” than people that have praised the game.

  • The tone of your entire review sounds like you have a bad habit of waking up every morning and immediately making bad coffee. Do you need help with that? It’s impacting your credibility

  • Oh man, I knew this comments section would end up being serious backlash dumpster fire! If it’s his honest perspective it’s not wrong folks, calm-down, you don’t need reviews to validate your purchase / love / hate of a thing, they’re just general guidelines at best, truth lies with you and somewhere inbetween all of the things collectively…geesh :S

    • It’s he a regular player or a professional reviewer? If it’s just based on opinions and doesn’t have any metric to give the score, why is it even a profession? Sorry, but it’s hard to have any respect for reviewers that don’t take their work seriously, if reviewers really measure quality in games with the only metric being opinion, then it isn’t really a profession.

      • There is always an element of opinion and bias irrespective of the review or reviewer, that’s impossible to escape, but when it comes down to it, people look to reviews for validation rather than information which you can see in some of these overly emotional and non professional personal responses that in term give even more validity to something that people are claiming is invalid.

        Especially considering one assumes that at this point none of these people (self included) have actually played it and yet seem upset it doesn’t match the overall sentitment, tone or abritury score of the overall metacritic. Reaction to reviews has a lot more to do with validation and psychology then professionalism and accuracy these days in my opinion. The game is cleary going to sell well and be loved more than hated overall so there really isn’t any need for some of the overreaction to so of the more script-breaking reviews that will envitable occur for something as anticipated as Kojima-San’s first proper non metal gear game.

        • this moron gave Andromeda a 9.5/10 and that game was literally broken, shoved into a bag of dogsh*t, then lit on fire.
          no excuse for that and afterwards his credibility is doo doo

          • It’s not just here that it’s happening, people are going nuts that another place gave it a 3/5 which isn’t even a bad score. I’m not questioning or defending the critic’s intentions or review technique, it’s just interesting how whatever the site or reviewer they’re are certain games that have a certain expectation / hype that causes people to respond overly emotionally to something they haven’t even experienced themselves, as if looking for validation or something, taking into account that even many of the good reviews aren’t sure it will appeal to the masses. Surely it would at least be wiser to maybe wait until you play the game before everyone loses their sh*t.

            I mean some of reactions across reviews sites with low scores (or when people think the score is too high also) are almost mirroring the alleged trolley behaviour of the critic. It’s way too defensive; just saying something is click bait or fake without any evidence other than previous opinion scores they don’t agree or comparing scores on other websites as versus thought-out, constructive, comparative (based on play) or rational arguments for the most part.

    • It’s the hyperbole and the aggressive language that’s setting people off. 3.5 is just…clearly not the case. Game isn’t broken, is in fact very polished, lots of people really love it. Even if he personally didn’t like it at all, those things mean it is absolutely not a 3.5. A 6, sure, but 3.5? Calling it garbage? Dude acts like the game was bad on purpose, like it did some shit to him personally. It’s really dumb and kinda sad. Who gets this made because they didn’t like a game? Where’s ANY critical distance here?

  • What makes this review so horrible is in it’s execution . Now this is most likely because it’s click bait and therefore takes jabs at the core fan base. in that sense it succeeds, I’m reading after all lol. But the argument could have been made valid if it focused on why it didn’t work for him. Kojima is a bit of a gaming rockstar and this is a showpiece for “are games art” while allot of gamers on the other side of the spectrum who view games as more of a sport then as a piece of mixed media will claim this is simply not really a game as they understand it, a hole bunch of gamers that do see this as art will and have proclaimed it to be “game of the year” must play experience. But to take suck personal and foolish jabs as if your opinion is fact is not only mean spirited it looks increasable dumb when your claiming that developers should take note as if this was a disaster …all the while the game sits at a 83 on metacritic , for God sake it has multiple perfect scores and has been called “best game this generation” by more then one credible reviewer. I don’t say this as a fan boy but as someone very tired of modern media outlets pushing rage bait for money. You could dislike a game without being decisive or insulting as it destroys your point.

  • Cue the fanboy rage from people that haven’t played the game. I think the game looks like garbage and always has. Even when I read good reviews it sounds horrible. So much dumb crap is ignored or glossed over that would be skewered if Kojima’s name weren’t on it. I read a 100% review with such catchy lines as “combat is passable at best”, “traversing the world is tedious”, “side missions are a pointless and repetitive bore”, “the story isn’t very good and doesn’t make much sense”, “boss fights aren’t very good and can just be finished by spamming grenades”, and so on. But it just kept coming back to Kojima’s name. In no other game could you make those, and other, points about gameplay and say it’s a must buy. Yeah, the stories dumb, the world is lifeless, and the gameplay is rubbish, but KOJIMA!

  • This is a bad review.
    I don’t care about the score. You have the right to dislike the game. But calling it a “piece of garbage”, without a minimal awareness of the ways this game can still be enjoyed by others, and having an anti art freedom message, is bad, ignorant criticism and downright disgusting and shameful.

  • I don’t see this review as an attempt to instigate clicks. If you read Steve’s assessment, he provides specific details over his issue with the game. Why does everyone assume this review is insincere? Gamers are the worst in accepting subjective truths.

  • i hope metacritic removes your review, like they did with astral chain low scores, “piece of garbage” for real? it’s not better than a random forum troll review seeking attention

  • Honestly given the description from every site (including the glowing reviews), this seems like how I would react to the gameplay mechanics as well. It sounds utterly boring. And I genuinely think Metal Gear is the greatest entertainment franchise of all time. So I’ve got mad love for Kojima. None of that can make a walking simulator fun to me. Also, the SJW types are the ones giving it glowing reviews, and they cite the “politics” in the game more than the actual gameplay. That automatically makes me cringe. So why don’t you guys chill out and stop attacking this man for not enjoying something that in all honestly, sounds extremely boring.

  • You call this game a piece of garbage, (which had more than 4 years of development and effort into it), while giving mass effect andromeda a 9.5?

  • Hi there.
    I came to bring the clicks and need of attentions that this website so desperately needs to write an attention-seeking article like this one. No need to thank me, I hope you can have a warm meal tonight.


  • Steve, did you complete Nier:Automata? I felt that game fully succeeded in its themes and humanistic artistic value, but I’m afraid that Death Standing might just be weird for the sake of being weird (with no real intellectual depth). Are you able to compare?

    • I’ve since been able to answer my own question, so in case anyone’s interested:

      The writing quality of Death Stranding is far less focused than Nier, In fact, I’d go so far as to call Death Stranding shallow and juvenile. Lore points are put into the game for coolness sake only. Super tardigrades, mummies, the like system, the reasons why things the way they are: they’re all explained in-game for those who take the patience to read it all. And they’re all quite juvenile. I compare the game to one written by a child who makes up stories with dinosaurs, aliens, and mummies who coexist together, and when you ask him why, he provides outlandish and unbelievable explanations.

      So yeah, the writing in this game won’t be impressing any literature majors and I’d be shocked if it won any writing awards. It’s weird for weird’s sake and has no deeper meaning. Though it’s probably perfect for the average gamer.

  • BRAVO for bringing an honest review to the masses. A lot of people are thinking this is the best game ever because it is a Hideo Kojima game. Just because The Wachoskis brought us The Matrix doesnt mean that Speed Racer was going to be a tour de force. And there are more like, Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”, or Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man”. It serves to show that just because they are known names it doesnt make it good. Tell that to CliffyB’s LawBreakers after he left Epic.

    All in all THANKS for the Honest review and the score that reflects it!

      • It is an honest review because his score reflect what he is saying. if you read the review you will know why he scored it as he did… btw MOST reviews agree with him and then while they bash the game they still give it a 10… doesnt sound like they are being honest!!!

  • While I don’t appreciate your vulgar language and overall “beer buddy” type of conversation… I think this review is by far the best thing I’ve read about Death Stranding.

    I remember people saying how terrible it is that we don’t get any demos anymore. Well, I looked at DS’ gameplay trailer back when they released it and I knew exactly what this game is going to be – an extremely boring fetch quest that tries too hard to be “realistic”, that has no gameplay and that treats itself like the most important thing in the world. No demos needed, just look at the gameplay footage and usually you can see all for yourself.

    Kojima needs to drop his narcissism and “weeb” behavior, and see how other Japanese creators make their games. Yoko Taro, Kazutaka Kodaka, Toshihiro Nagoshi and many others – all of these people make games that have cinematic stories yet manage to stay extremely fun GAMES. Kojima is a simple narcissist who doesn’t even have a single clue of what makes these cinematic games (Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, etc.) that he looks up to so good. Kojima’s obsession with USA is extremely unhealthy and he has a lot to think about! Hopefully, the next time he gets a ton of money from Sony, he’ll think more about the actual game rather than what cameo he wants to make and what studio he wants to visit.

  • I don’t really care about this review. I just don’t understand the name of this website. Really should come up with something better.

    • Is he subscribed to PSnow, bought a PS4 Protato thinking it could do Dynamic 4K & pays $60 to play incomplete [SP only] Playstation games? ???

        • Better off not to engage with that sad, no life troll. He’s well known on vg247, Wccftech and Gamingbolt as having / using multiple alt accounts and repeatedly posting nonsense and anti Sony comments. This has been his schtick for the last three years alone since I started visiting those websites, all day every day making these sorts of comments.

          Guy must be one sad and really lonely person to spend so many countless days and hours trying to get attention online.

  • “lead by an incel”

    You may be perfectly right about the merits of the game, but this comment pretty much invalidates the whole thing. Everyone knows that “incel” is one of many terms that is resorted to by people with no defensible argument who want to appear edgy and morally superior at the same time. Stop speaking in catchphrases and buzzwords and be a real human being.

    He’s a Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, ice hockey player and fan. Husband to Matt and cat dad to Wally and Quinn.

    Ah… nevermind. He’s beyond hope.

  • and with such low tactics is how you make yourself known a website that nobody knew before …

    Being Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek has nothing to do with it.

    it’s about marketing

  • It isn’t that bad like you said.
    35 is not a score and you know it
    What do you know exactly about video games?
    Maby you like super mario or idk
    Some pice of garbage that you love wasting your life on it without getting an exact point at the end!
    Or maybe you scored 35 Cuz you are somehow jealous about it, like you cant make any game or if you can you cant make the good one huh!?

  • What? This review is one-dimensional in it’s entirety. Also, the “show Kojima – don’t tell” does not apply correctly in the paragraph, since it’s bland.

  • Most honest review on the Net of this boring Fedex Sim ?

    Playstation Lifestyle called it boring but still gave it a 9.5/10 ? P0nies are so desperate these days ?

  • WTF is this review…. and website…
    Sec let me write one. I turn on the console>game>50 hours later> Bring my life back. Kojima is not the king. Score 3 of 10. End

  • The problem with making a game like a movie or a movie like a game is that there is a reason why movies work as movies, and games work as games.

    You try too hard to conflate the genres, and what you end up with is something that is not a good movie or a good game.

    David Cage, talking about you.

  • Good to see an honest score given. Other reviewers are saying how dull and monotonous the game play is yet are scoring it in the 90s. Pathetic.

      • A crooked way to succeed.
        This Stev guy is a crook.

        Oh, well. Here we go again.
        Another year another PlayStation exclusive he needs to put down.

        The usual suspect of anti-PlayStation reviews every time there a new PlayStation exclusive comes out. Tries to bring them as low as he can
        I don’t know why he hates PlayStation so much but one thing for sure he ain’t part of the solution this industry needs.
        Just an old troll standing in the way of the bridge of progress.

          • you so know sony FULLY funded Hideo’s whole studio right? doesnt matter what you play it on, its still virtually Sony’s product with Kojima’ stamp on it

          • that not what exclusivity means, it’s got nothing to do with funding , exclusivity mean that one game release on one console only.

          • Yes you are right, and that console is the PS4… A pc is NOT a console

          • What is wrong about PS4 3rd party console exclusives also going to PC. Sony wants to make money in the PC market too with Capcom, Square Enix and Kojima Productions, etc.
            I think that is a wise business decision. That is not cannibalizing sales on PS4. Its about making money on a different market as well.
            The bulk of Monster Hunter World sales is on the PS4 platform. PC and Xbox profit by Sony is just icing on the cake.

          • I see nothing wrong with that , actually I wish if exclusivity just die so I can play all Nintendo games on my PS4 without having to pay $300. we here argue about the definition of the word not how much it worth.

          • You called the guy whos point you made a dumb ass? LMFAO what a fail.

          • Inglés

            Fantastic, the only real analysis in the entire world, without bribery

          • this guy gave Mass Effect Andromeda a 9.5/10 you got it twisted homie it’s the other way around

          • I play andrómeda and is a good game with a few graphical flaws. But i don’t doubt that is truly better than this Death Shit.

          • For people like you,sure. maybe when you grow a brain you’ll understand more.

          • I mean I was just trolling, gameplay is more complex than a regular walking simulator. But acting like you need a big brain to understand Kojima is silly.

          • If you need to understand how to walk and keep your balance I feel very very sorry for you.

          • What is wrong with a driving simulator?
            a flight simulator?
            a farm simulator?
            a goat simulator?
            a delivery guy simulator?

          • Holy shit, I had to look to confirm but you’re right.

            I’m happy the guy could enjoy his money’s worth (if he paid) for Andromeda but 9.5/10… ? the way the review was written compared to this one with a 3.5… sounds like we’re polar opposites on taste.

          • He’s just a moronic shill to EA/Actiblizzion/Boobysoft and hates on anything truly original or indie games. A loser worth ignoring by any stretch.

          • The review is pathetic. Even more pathetic is the journalist. Death Stranding is the game that drives away the casual player who thinks that gameplay is all about shooting.

            Nor did he understand the proposal of the strand game.

            3rd game in the generation in number of mechanics.

            2nd when it comes to game design innovation

          • well, if you think that every good review is paid, seems like nintendo is the only one giving money to the critics since they are the ones with the better scores, and yet you have a nintendo related pic

          • Fantastic. More morons with biased bullshit and hate just for the sake of hate.

          • Dude, this is a Sony funded game. Just like Capcom’s Street Fighter V, FFVII, FFVII R, etc. They also have PC versions.
            Kojima is a small indie developer that recieved funding from Sony , i.e. Decima Engine, budget etc.

          • again Sony funded doesn’t make the game exclusive , that term named after the game released on one console only without PC release.

          • Because its still on PS4 first and still on a Sony PS4 powered game engine that annihilates utter failure garbage of this generation like the Unreal Engine 4 Crackdown 3.

            But who knows why he hates Sony, he would have to tell you that himself wouldn’t he?

          • He is a paid mercenary whose job is to review bomb anything PlayStation. Ungrateful person really. MBG learned he is on Microsft’s payroll. Probably on Nintendo’s too.
            Also dude, Sony funded multiplat games like Monster Hunter World, Street Fightet V, to help an ailing Capcom back to black and games like FFXV, FFVII R to help Square Enix to revive console gaming in Japan.

            And did you notice all those games have a PC version too? Because Sony ain’t selfish like this demon.

            This Stevivor guy is a negative force in the industry and needs to be stopped.

          • “He is a paid mercenary whose job is to review bomb anything PlayStation. Ungrateful person really. MBG learned he is on Microsoft’s payroll”
            -first he gave Spiderman 95 score , HZD 90 , Crash 90, Persona 5 90 , SOTC 85 …… does this seem scores by someone who want to “review bomb anything PlayStation”? your evidence of him getting pay by Microsoft is someone who make videos talking about Sony first party games!, come on man you are smarter than this.

            “Sony funded multiplat games like Monster Hunter World”
            are you saying that this game wouldn’t be great without Sony paying money to make it timed exclusives for the PS4!!! you know well that CapCom made Resident evil 2 and DMC in the same period without Sony money and still they killed it!!!

            ” Sony ain’t selfish like this demon”
            it’s only a business decision , it has nothing to do with selfishness and there is nothing wrong with that.

          • The review is pathetic. Even more pathetic is the journalist. Death Stranding is the game that drives away the casual player who thinks that gameplay is all about shooting.

            Nor did he understand the proposal of the strand game.

            3rd game in the generation in number of mechanics.

            2nd when it comes to game design innovation.

          • That your opinion, if you read other reviews by this guy you would find that he gave full scores to games that has nothing with shooting.
            “2 nd in game innovation”
            -I agree it has some unique concept but VG for me is about fun and not trying new ways that end up being dull , if you enjoyed it good for you.
            “3 rd game in the generation….”
            -having many gameplay mechanics doesn’t make game great if all these mechanics were Monotonous.
            This game is not for me that it.

          • It’s still casual. Play inclusive games. Fun is subjective. Analyzes should be objective (and respectful)

            I’m 100% sure that he didn’t understand the strand game.

          • If analysis are objective then what the point of having more than one review if all reviewers are going to agree on the same things? Reviewers are subjective to believe what ever they want.

        • It’s not really an anti-PlayStation thing, I just don’t think he understood the game. I see more than a few reviewers who can’t seem to wrap their head around it not following traditional videogame logic on things like boss battles, mobility, etc…

          • I hate you. Every person that’s butthurt cuz somebody doesn’t like what they like always goes to this excuse “you just didn’t understand it.” What is he “not understanding” that would help him enjoy balancing UPS packages on his back and trying not to slip on tiny rocks? Say what you will about the story and art, but that gameplay looks AWFUL

          • It’s like olives, if you think they taste bad, they will taste bad no matter how much I will keep telling you that it’s amazing and why it’s amazing.

          • That is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. If I’ve tasted olives why would I even listen to you? You might as well just say “if you have an opinion then you already know what you think.” Why would you even speak of that’s what you have to say? So obvious. You contribute nothing to the world. Still love ya, though. Peace. Have a good night.

          • Did you actually just got triggered because of metaphor usage? ?

          • They can’t wrap their head around the fact they expected gameplay from a video game. I’m with them.

            Save this Hollywood wanna be stuff for netflix.

          • Dude, he does this thing every time there is a new PlayStation exclusive. That is his agenda in life, his job to review bomb PlayStation games along side his other job: a Nintendo pusher. This guy has no right to review PlayStation games or any game.

          • I would rather have faith in a seasoned developer like Hideo Kojima who entertained tens of millions of people for 30 years, has good track record, an innovator, a well respected artist than this Nintendo yes-man nobody whose pittiful sole mission in life is to review bomb every PlayStation exclusive getting published.
            Kojima knows what he is doing and will not make a 3.5 game to tarnish his reputation, his track record.
            This review bomber has has a track record of being that cancer in gaming. Full of negativity to PlayStation brand that keeps console gaming healthy, progressing and competitive with other forms of entertainment. He has no respect for the humans who worked hard for this game. Their families, children.

          • Every damn thing in Death Stranding has been done before. Again if walking and keeping your balance is something you need to understand then I feel very very sorry for you.

          • Another psuedo intellectual trying to find deep meaning in a game whose plot is the most chuuni shit I’ve ever experienced.

        • Typical response of piperos:
          “Death Stranding is great shit”
          “That’s what you say because you hate Playstation”
          “Be it on PC or Playstation, it’s still crap”
          “Do you hate Playstation?”

          • Shut the fuck off lamecalvas, you’re comunity is cancer like your bald faggot lord.

            Tipical response of cartoneros:

            “Nintendo saves the game industry”

            “Nintendo creates the analog stick”

            “Nintendo always innovating”

            “Nintendo creates platform games”

          • Luigi’s Masion , a “cartoneros” game has better graphics, logic , fun and Qualifications that this failed GOTY. ?

          • LOL! The only good thing Nuntendo has ever created qas the original PlayStation.

        • Have you not seen the backlash this 5.3 game(user scores) is getting and the controversies it as started? There’s the whole VGA thing along with Famitsu scandal.

        • I’m not sure if you think you’re being clever by posting that “unforgivable” pic all over the plac as if it was an end to all form of argument to prove something. You’re failing to realize that what you’re doing is nothing but an ad hominem, a fallacy that proves absolutely nothing. Him giving Andromeda a 9.5 has no bearing on him giving 3.5 to Death Stranding. At all. Besides his negative points here are totally valid, and I haven’t seen any other reviewer actually talking about those. Perhaps you could enlighten us on why his review isn’t valid instead of just copy/pasting a jpg.

          • The pic isn’t talking about his review of DS at all. It just shows that Steve’s reviews cannot be trusted. He gave one of the worst triple A games of the past decade a 9.5. At this point, it is better for a game if Steve gives it a bad score. They seem to do far better than the games he endorses.

          • In an ideal world, glaringly obvious ad hominems like that would work but to the dismay of those like using it, they simply don’t work. It proves nothing, as many people liked Andromeda, and that doesn’t make them wrong or unable to judge and/or appreciate other games in comparison to those that didn’t like it.

            Here is the same but the other way around, many journalists seemed to like Death Stranding and gave generous scores, and in this case, he didn’t. Does that make him wrong? Not at all, it means he’s having a different opinion than the rest which is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the samey reviews I’ve been reading. Plus, despite your absolute statement “Worst triple A games of the decade” I do happen to agree with him, Andromeda despiteits flaws is still a good game, so I trust him on that. I trust him here too.

            Why? Because If you ask me, he seems to address negative points that the rest of the journalists just shrug off or plain refuse to talk about which is definitely strange (you can go ahead and check for yourself). It’s not like they’re little things and he’s just nitpicking, we’re talking about core elements that directly affect the gameplay which is a big deal, especially considering this is a game and not a movie of sorts.

            So, what would you say that makes this review bad? Go ahead and convince me, I’m willing to change my mind so as long you don’t resort to unrelated subjects and leave it at that, that’s too easy. If you can go ahead and prove point by point which parts of the review are wrong then we may reach an agreement. If not, you’ll have to live with the fact that some of us do support this score, as spamming a JPG or repeating “He gave Andromeda 9.5!” ad nauseam won’t really change our mind. Some of us need more than that.

          • “Him giving Andromeda a 9.5 has no bearing” except that it shows he is a terrible reviewer. Giving a game as terrible and insulting as Andromeda a 9.5 shows a lack of quality of his work. It doesn’t mean that this review is bad, but it is an indication that he has a history of at least one terrible take.

      • And now every time someone sees “Stevivor” in a list of reviews, they will potentially think “Oh, that idiot who just says nonsense for clicks. Lemme not click on this.”

        Get clicks for one review. Lose clicks for all others. Look up “Pyrrhic Victory”, bro.

        • Speak for yourself, “bro”. Thanks to this review that had the guts to have a different opinion than the rest, I’ve now decided to be reading reviews exclusively from here.

          • I wasn’t aware that appreciating a journalist finally having a different opinion than the rest means I can’t think for myself. Good to know.

          • No it means you found the one reviewer who tells you what you want to hear. Just because he does something different doesn’t mean he did something right. This game does not deserve a 3. It’s irresponsible, intellectually, and professionally dishonest.

          • I don’t care about what you think it means, because I do know what it means for me and that’s enough . The only one that is actually trying to tell me what to think is you, by implying that because I agree with him then I simply must be brainwashed by him. The game, in my opinion, does deserve a 3 as it’s a glorified walking simulator, nowhere the masterpiece they’ve been hyping up for years. Now that this game is released, this is even truer and it really didn’t take an “evil guy ” like Stevivor to tell as much. You don’t agree with that? You want to hear the game is better than a 3? Then by all means, go to websites like IGN or Metacritic.

          • As aposed to you who lets hype and a big name tell you what to think without even having played the game (while the Reviewer has).

            Giant Bomb trashed the game too, it’s so obvious it’s a lame duck and Hideo is basically a hack (now). I’m a ps4 pro owner and had this on pre-order so this is nothing to do with console exclusives, it’s just a really really stupid/annoying game – obvious from almost any video

          • Really? How do you know what I think? I’ve played it now, and it’s actually pretty cool. But hey, whatever. Giant Bomb said it sucked . Good call.

          • You sound like a massive shill, lmao. He spent a majority of his review ranting about Kojima.

          • Have you seen me actually ranting about Kojima, sir? Game is now released and I still happen to agree with this review. You don’t like that I agree with it? That’s fine, I’m sure you’re a grown boy able to handle someone across the world having a different opinion than yours.

          • Its really not showing he has guts. It seems like he has legit bias. This review could be taken more seriously, if it were mediocre. This low of a score is absolutely absurd.

          • Why would you want to read reviews from someone that is critically bad at games though? He said he ‘struggled with the controls’ and ‘was constantly falling’ (paraphrasing) … I’ve been playing this game for 70+ hours, and I have fallen over … TWICE only, and it was entirely my fault. It’s not hard to play and it’s not hard to not fall, so it seems like the issue was with the user, not the game – especially after you get certain equipment not that far into the game… you can actually sprint and super jump all over the place. >_>

            He also got basic details wrong – green means ok to walk? No that means it’s a place to hide, blue is ok – and there’s plenty of blue space to walk if you plan your routes well.

          • Thank you. someone said it. Its sheer unprofessionalism for him to make such claims when what he’s saying isnt even true. Did he even really play the game??? its hard to believe…

        • STFU! Finally, there’s a review of someone who’s not afraid to displease the weeboos who praise anything that comes from Japan and of course Kojima dick riders!

          • “People praise stuff based on what country it comes from.”

            In the same vein, people will read your post and think “Anyone who could come out with logic this stupid MUST be worth doing the opposite of.”

            Can you tell me some other things you hate, so I can give them a chance?

          • Just go back at blowing Kojima’s dick, because of idiots like you we can’t even have honest reviews and now journalists are afraid of the fanboys backlash, I suspect any reviewer is going to rate Sony’s games 10/10 from now on

          • If you think this review isn’t purely to generate hate clicks, you’re being beyond naive. This is a no name review site that went down the days following the DS review because of all the traffic it generated.

            If people don’t do these types of hatchet jobs in the future, it won’t be because of fear of backlash. It will be because some reviewers actually care about their integrity.

          • The review wasn’t honest. Thats the entire point. Theres no fucking way this game was a 3. I can see a 7 or even a 6 actually being taken seriously. A 3? Utter horseshit

          • Yep Stev isn’t really good at his job of review bombing. Very sloppy indeed. Not very smart like most evil doers do.

    • All the big name sites give their reviews solely based upon the review of one journalist, who is equally as “no-named”. Seriously, how many game reviewers are that famous that you’d trust them? Even the YouTubers with big audiences have come out with shocking opinions.

      End of the day, it shows how pointless singular reviews are. Especially when it comes to polarising games. Everyone here in the comments hasn’t played the game, yet are criticizing this review. That has way less credibility than this review.

      It’s pretty much for certain that the big name sites giving big scores are doing so because they feel obliged to to maintain face. At least this guy isn’t afraid to share his viewpoint.

        • TB was the only one for me to be perfectly honest.
          People write reviews nowadays to be ‘cool’ nor ‘edgy’. What happened to honesty and integrity? Oh that’s right; they’re boring to the average moron and don’t get as many clicks. Scores need to be ridiculously high or stupidly low. Where are the well balanced, thoughtful reviews?
          This is why I tend to read the bad reviews first. It tells me more about the person writing the review and if I feel they are moaning for the sake of having a rant I’ll probably get the game.
          Plus, the fanboy/hater arguments are just pure trolling and to treated with the reactions they deserve, i.e., none.

    • Eat shit Kojimadrone, you pathetic loser. Walking simulator + Interactive movie = GARBAGE “game”. Kojima is a hack, Konami was right. Fuck Kojimadrones and their cancer cult.

      • Thank God I am not an ugly incel like you that eats the shit out of Kojimas asshole, thank God you losers get exploited and scammed by him, go waste your money on Death Stranding, see if I care, rofl. Walking simulator interactive movie game will remain the dogshit it is.

        • O you care, following your rant and insulting like a 5 year old would do. Dude stuff it. I buy the game, no matter what all you idiots are saying. Wash you mouth you are talking sh*t….

          • Of course you buy the Interactive Movie Walking Simulator Death Stranding (it is not a game, stop calling it a game), that is a good thing, go buy it and get SCAMMED and EXPLOITED by Kojima the Fraud. Low IQ subhumans like you DESERVE TO BE SCAMMED AND EXPLOITED.

          • It’s as much of a game as any truck/train sim is. Moreso, really. And those are really popular, just not in america. There’s not liking something (I don’t really care to play it either, but it’s been fun to watch others play) and then there’s pathetically trying to be the arbiter of all video games. You don’t get to decide what is a valid way to make a video game, my dude, sorry. All ideas are valid. A delivery sim is not inherently not a game or not a good game, it’s just inherently niche. Many things are. Who cares? You gonna go yell at people who like Gravity’s Rainbow next?

          • Go eat shit then, it is eatable, therefore it is food, that is your dumb “rationality”. Death Stranding is dogshit, an interactive movie walking simulator, not a game.

          • Again, sorry, you don’t get to decide. Ya just don’t. Hate to break it to ya. Your inflated sense of self-importance is cute, though.

          • Again, you don’t get to decide. Sorry. Hate to be the one to break it to ya. Your inflated sense of self-importance is cute, though.

          • Rofl, omg. I took a look at your profile to see what particular brand of shitlord I’m dealing with and stumbled upon this ABSOLUTE GEM.

            “Yes, people can find different things enjoyable, but my taste is superior, if people like games I don’t like, they are most of the time casuals/noobs/fakegamers etc. They are below me when it comes to gaming, pure and simple. Also, tell me your top 5 games released in 2019, let me see if you have good taste or not.”

            It’s so good. I’m dying. Holy shit. You’re, like, a parody of a human being. This can’t really be who you are. God it’s so good. I’m so happy right now, rofl.

          • It is a fact, it isn’t up for anyone to decide. If it is not a game, it is not a game. According to your logic, shit is food, so go eat shit like your whore mother.

          • O my God whats wrong with you?? Pissed someone in your shoes??
            You hate the game you hate Kojima and you hate gamers who like the game, and insult them for doing so.

            Dude take a valium, infact take 3 and calm down and think what you gonna do with your live. Ranting and insulting people on the internet brings you nowhere. I’am done with you…..

          • I would insult you in real life too you low IQ subhuman retard, incel manlet, fat faggot. Death Stranding is not a game, you are not a gamer if you WATCH that interactive movie walking simulator.

          • are a bad example of a human race, anonymus insulting people on internet, your lost….

          • There is no such a thing as “human race”, it is human species, low IQ faggot.

      • Kojima made an amazing game in 1998. Then Snake Eater was pretty good. That’s it. Get over it Kojimadrones. This dude is a hack and he needs a studio to make him settle down.

      • Definitely not garbage. I would say its not his best work, or even close. But garbage is way too derogatory a word to describe it. How bout every1 be honest. Its mediocre by his standards, but definitely unique and is certainly not a 3.5

      • Ignore him. He’s the same person that says Days Gone (which is one of the shittiest games this year) is his GOTY if you look at his profile. Kojimadrones truly are brainwashed fuckheads.

          • LOL speaking of Days Gone, I was at gaming expo back in May and had the chance to try it. Guess what? I couldn’t stand even 5 FUCKING MINUTES of that piece of shit, let alone 30 hours to complete it. A score of 71 on Metacritic is WAY too generous for that dogshit.

            Lastly, I want to thank you for the laugh I had from your replies to Kojimadrones I swear I was laughing SO HARD that even my back was hurting me, “Low IQ subhuman” is so fucking funny, so thanks again.

          • Holy fuck you are so hilarious, and I do mean that in the good way, couldn’t stop laughing. I usually don’t find that kind of humor funny, but your insults are so consistent with one another, it’s confusing even me as to whether or not you’re seriously that full of anger.

          • I am not angry, I just try to accurately describe bad products and idiotic people/behavior, the unfiltered truth is the most effective insult to those delusional people. I am glad my posts bring joy and entertainment to you <3

    • this is the same IDIOT that gave Mass Effect Andromeda a 9.5/10
      -definitely can trust this review to be unbiased then…

    • Do you even understand how this whole system works? This score for this kind of game is easily enough to get the site blacklisted by Sony’s PR, all that for a few clicks over a couple of days?

      Not worth it. Here’s a shocking revelation for you, maybe the game is just bad? Have you considered that?

          • Where did I imply that? The whole “bad score for clicks” shit is a stupid argument, which is what I was highlighting.

            I simply asked if someone had considered that the score may be totally justified, instead of only considering the score was given for clicks and controversy.

            I didn’t imply anything on my opinion of the game.

          • Postulating that the game is genuinely bad is implying as such. Don’t be such a fucking dumbass. At least own your words instead of trying to weasel out of them after the fact.

          • Right. See, the thing about trying to sound smart by using big words, is it gives away your lack of knowledge about what the word means.

            In this case, postulating and implying? Not different things. Definitely not entirely, also. Try cracking a dictionary open once in awhile, maybe?

            Implying suggests something that is not explicitly stated.

            Postulating simply means you suggest something, BY expressing the theory ie SUGGESTING it.

            The only difference is one is more subtle and not straight forward, and the other is more direct. They both are suggesting something as being truth, fact, etc, though.

            So – either way, you are SUGGESTING the game is actually bad, which makes all your “but I didn’t share my opinion” shit? Still bullshit.

            Feel free to try again if you want, however!

          • Let’s crack out the dictionary then.

            indicate the truth or existence of (something) by suggestion rather than explicit reference

            suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.

            One is suggesting something as fact, the other is using something as a foundation for reasoning or discussion, which is what I did.

            Again, you throw out passive aggressive insults because someone disagrees with you. It doesn’t really bring anything to the conversation.

          • You literally just repeated what I said already in your own words, so bravo there. Apparently if you can’t argue something, just repeat it?

            Using something as a foundation, which is just your opinion in this case, mind you, doesn’t negate it being horse shit.

            There is no conversation here. You suggested the game really is shit, period, then tried to deny you did such a thing. That’s where I came in to call you out on your crap. Yeah?

            Follow a fucking conversation, own your god damn words.

          • I never said you said that. I said you IMPLIED it. Kind of the whole point of your piss poor argument about claiming you were “postulating” instead and how it was “entirely different” from implying, dumbass.

            Like I said – follow a fucking conversation. Grow a brain while you’re at it too, perhaps?

          • It doesn’t really matter what you say, they’re furious at the low score. I like Kojima and all but even I am willing to admit he has a ton of flaws, that many of the things he do are nonsensical and cringe. Hell I am playing the game and I could see the faults pointed out in the review. The reactions from the people in the comment section are embarrassing

          • If the games is any as he describes it, well, it’s that bad, and even more than that.

          • Now that the game out and we can all see what it is like, it really is that bad. It’s tedious and boring. Basically a tedious packet delivering simulator with bad controls making it even worse. It’s like Kojima made looong ass movie (that isn’t even good) and then added a delivery simulator to it to sell it as a game.

            Anything above 5/10 is nothing but Kojima cock sucking and worshipping. If this game didn’t have the name Kojima attached to it, all the reviews would be negative. It’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” happening in real life, but instead of clothes it’s about game.

          • He didnt even describe the facts correctly. I dont think he played it. Walkable terrain is blue not green and there is plenty of blue.

    • You will regret this judgment the very second you’ll hold your controller in your hands and will start to wobble around as an elder UPS clerk.

    • Oh yeah that’s right, I forgot that the only way you can have a divergent opinion on something is if it’s clickbait. Guy really should have fallen in line and praised the game like most others.

    • So only “known” reviewers are allowed to have an opinion on Death Stranding? Could you carify? It’s just difficult to understand you with Kojima’s syphilitic dick in your mouth.

    • can you explain why please , I read the review and didn’t feel he was crazy , apparently Steve loves the games that has deep gameplay and from what I read the moment to moment gameplay are very far and not engaging.

      • a professional reviewer shall be objective as much as he can, instead of reviewing bad those games that are not his favorite, he just sucks as reviewer. hope metacritics really doesnt take his review seriously, he is just wanting some clicks.

          • IMO a professional should never call a game “garbage”, that implies he had hate towards the game. No need for insults.

          • true but is that enough reason to insult the man in return or ignore his review completely? , no second let be honest most people here are angry because the score , if this poor guy review wasnt the lowest on Metacritic no one would know about this review including me but unlike most people here I have read the whole review and found it good enough to justify the score , now it’s only depend on his credibility if what he said is true then I think this game doesn’t really deserve full price, I will buy it 100% but still I am very disappointed.

        • “Objective” is the opposite of what a review should be. If you want objectivity, just read a Wikipedia article. A review is ALWAYS the opinion of the reviewer. If you don’t like that opinion, you have to live with that.
          I’m sure both you and Kojima will be able to cope.

      • It’s simple, if you aren’t Kojima fanboy that means you’re crazy. No way in hell he would release a shallow as a puddle game, right?

          • It’s not, the game can be polarizing without being 3/10, there’s just no way this game can be this bad, that’s a score you give to AAA games that release in what you would call an alpha state. Not being a Kojima fan doesn’t mean being a Kojima hater on “a cruzade against his pretensiousness”. Sorry but that’s not professional reviews work.

          • I admitted that he went so harsh for some reason but apparently Steve has so much hopes mercifully shattered and though it’s not Kojima fault but we can’t ask him to be “Nicer” just because we respect Kojima or liked what we saw without playing it!, I read like 6 reviews until now and most of them agree that the game took too much time to present any meaningful gameplay, PCU reviewer wrote ” the first three episode which could take 20 hours present no actual gameplay other than delivering packages from one point to another”!!! let be honest if any game waited that much to show any true gameplay reviewers would tear that game a part on the contrary I felt that most reviewers went too much easy on DS praising Kojima for trying something out of the box but does that equal all the other cons , NO WAY.

          • “Professional Reviews” add 3-6 points just because it’s Kojima. The overall reviews would be lower if a no name studio released this. People are literally making excuses for poor gameplay, “oh it’s form mimicking content, it’s all a metaphor for the struggle to rebuild America.” Nah, you’re just biased towards Kojima and it’s a big AAA game you wish was more enjoyable than it is.

  • Walking simulator + Interactive movie = GARBAGE “game”. Kojima is a hack, Konami was right. Fuck Kojimadrones and their cancer cult.

    • Below is a direct quote from you – and it explains why you sit in your mother’s basement with a yellow undershirt and crusty boxers shaking your angry fist at the screen between high doses of Adderall and EQ. You win the award for “next candidate for school shooter 2020”



      • Go read the article that comment was posted under, if you don’t agree, then I would gladly eradicate you and your genes from this reality.

        • You’re insane and needs help.

          Please go out from your basement and find a psychiatrist ASAP!