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Preview: Young Justice: Legacy


Nightwing shirt on my back, I was excited to head over to the Little Orbit booth at E3 to check out Young Justice: Legacy.

The fanboy in me loved it. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure if any other gamer-types will be on board.

Described by Little Orbit as an “action game with RPG elements,” I got to see twelve different characters in play. From the game’s mission select screen, it’s been confirmed that four more playable characters will be introduced in time

Who are those twelve characters, you ask? Simple. Since the game takes place during seasons one and two of Young Justice, the cast of characters is diverse. You can choose between Nightwing, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian, Superboy, Batgirl, Rocket, Beast Boy, Tempest and Zatanna. In the game, you’ll choose a squad of three characters to take on various baddies.

Strangely enough, the three character squads mean that the game only supports three player co-op, both locally and online.

Since show creators Greg Weisman & Brandon Vietti are also working on the title, it’s a fair bet that the game will shed some light on the five year gap between the cartoon’s seasons.

We got a hands-off preview of a battle sequence, with Kid Flash, Superboy and Nightwing up against Bane. The fanboy in me delighted at the chance to see my heroes take on the nefarious Bane, but it was pretty standard action fare. Kicks, punches, and combos on the ground and in the air meant Bane stood little chance against the Young Justice team, but there wasn’t anything that made the title stand out. Those who aren’t interested in the franchise or in action titles will quickly find this game repetitive. What’s worse is that I wasn’t able to really see anything in each character that made them stand out. Superboy’s attacks looked like Nightwing’s, and so on.

Little Orbit’s releasing Young Justice in February 2013 on Wii, 3DS, Xbox 360 and PC, so they’ve got time to polish the title. I hope that its unseen RPG elements help to elevate it to a must-have title. Unless you’re a Young Justice fan and will appreciate the game for just existing, this one’s definitely requiring a demo so you can decide what’s what.

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