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Preview: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a new spin on the much loved tower defence franchise, bringing everyone’s favourite characters into a new 3D third person shooter environment. Like the original, this game is all about humour and looks like a lot of fun to play. Crazy Dave even makes a return, giving briefings before missions and he’s somehow crazier than ever.

Four characters from the Plants team were described in detail with their roles explained in this new class based shooter.


The trusty Peashooter is the front line fighter and your first line of defence. All plants can root themselves to the ground enabling a stronger secondary fire attack and the Peashooters is an impressive Gatling gun. His rapid fire attack will make short work of those pesky zombies.

Chomper can not only sneakily drill under ground laying in wait to take the brain obsessed zombies by surprise but, he can set traps to slow them down. Some examples shown were “Spike Weeds” and “Goop”, both of which slowed the ravenous horde making it easier for your fighting flora to dispatch the rambling zombie menace.

In previous games Sunflower’s only function was to accrue the all important “Sun” points used for purchasing plants and making your yard look nice. Now, promoted to a much more active role the Sunflower runs around the chaotic battlefield as a healer. Shooting a beam of healing sun at other plants keeps them pruned and ready for battle. As with all the plants it can also root itself in the ground which activates a powerful sunbeam attack the zombies find more terrifying than a glance in the mirror.


The last and most interesting is the Cactus. This feisty fellow is the sniper class of the game and is very effective from long range, but that’s not the bottom of the bag of tricks for the Cactus. He’s also able to deploy Walnuts which create a protective barrier for the Plants in addition to the all important Potato Mine that explodes on contact. The Potato Mine is integral in developing fun strategies during the large scale boss fights, which are now bigger than ever. The best part about the Cactus however is his ability to deploy the Garlic Drone, a flying cyclopean garlic bulb that can rain down buttery popcorn strikes from above, ruining the zombies chances of acquiring the tasty brains they so desire.

All in all this looks like a fun and interesting take on the beloved Popcap franchise. Stay tuned for more information leading up to its release.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be available for PS4 and Xbox One.


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