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Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter LAN multiplayer


First up, don’t forget that Steve also checked out Medal of Honor: Warfighter at E3 this year — read this to see what he thought of the game.

As for me, I won’t attempt to deny it, when it comes to shooters, to suggest that I’m a novice is akin to suggesting that necromorphs are a little frightening.  That said, when I was given the opportunity to attend a preview of Medal of Honor: Warfighter last Friday at EA Australia HQ, it wasn’t one I was going to turn down. Someone seriously bad at FPS games going to a LAN event? Here’s how it went.

Arriving at the EA offices I was greeted by none-other than Community Co-ordinator Jiggsy, who, — as always — was dressed appropriately for the occasion in army boots and camouflage pants. In one of the rooms inside were twelve gaming desktops hooked up to Razer keyboards and headsets, with a projector against one wall, national flags covering another and scattered around the place, boxes of ammunition and other military-esque props. Oh, and did I mention a life-sized Crysis soldier in a ghillie suit?

The preview consisted of rounds of local multiplayer in a 6 on 6 capture-the-base styled game mode. Not too long after I arrived the current session had ended and it was time for me to have a go – I knew things were off to a good start when I had to ask a friend next to me what the controls were. The first thing I liked about the game was the fact you could play as a member of an actual international task force, where that feeling of patriotism seemed to spark in me when I noticed I could play as a soldier in the Special Air Service Regiment of the Australian Army. With my class selected (I just went for the one with the biggest gun) I was ready to fight. Starting the match, it wasn’t long until the action became intense… and by that I mean the non-stop death of my character.  I mentioned at the beginning that I wasn’t particular good at shooters, but it wasn’t until I was dying seemingly each minute that I realised just how bad I was. By the end of the round I had managed to score one kill (I didn’t know how I did it either) and amassed about 15 deaths but somehow the team still managed to win!

After having spent some time chatting with other gamers and writers from the community (and snacking on slices of pizza and sides from the epic Dominos order) I figured I’d have another go at the game. Given the results of my last session I tried using different classes to see how I’d fare – the answer, even worse than before. Unlike the first session where I’d managed to at least score a kill, I barely managed to inflict damage on my opponents this time around. Things seemed even more disheartening when I still ended up being killed with what seemed like a bullet or two despite the fact I was wearing additional body armour! Perhaps more experienced players will find the tank class (extra armour at the expense of mobility) over-powered but to me it made no difference. Oh, our team won again by the way.

After the session ended the rest of the night (for me at least) was spent once again chatting with the different people attending, which is perhaps the whole reason events like these are so much fun. If I’m to be completely honest, there’s not a great deal I can really comment about on the game itself simply because I don’t feel I was good enough to really experience or see what the game had to offer (which isn’t a criticism). It’s certainly a title I’m interested in seeing more of – hopefully next time with a little more success that what I saw on the night! Thanks to all the folk at EA Australia for putting on yet another great event – once again leading the way in community engagement!

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