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Just Cause 4: 5 things we’re excited to see more of

In 2015 I had the chance to review Just Cause 3, and it was the perfect way to cap off the year with an over the top action game that knew exactly how silly it was. Avalanche Studios is once again hoping to deliver that same experience as Rico Rodriguez returns in his explosive series. We’ve had a chance to play a few hours of the game already and here is what we’re looking forward to seeing more of when Just Cause 4 drops early next week.

What goes up doesn’t have to come down

In this giant sandbox you’ll get to have a blast messing around with the physics and the way you can interact with the world. Rico’s Retractor and Booster gadgets make their return, but the new Air Lifter gadget will allow you to create even more interesting chaos. The Air Lifter can be attached to objects and once they are triggered a balloon inflates causing whatever you’ve latched it onto to hopefully float in the air. It might not seem like much but when you’ve got a giant pirate ship ride floating behind you from a carnival you stopped at, dropping that on top of an enemy base sure will make a fun entrance.

The Tinkerer

The Retractor, Booster, and Air Lifter gadgets are completely customisable. For example, you could pick how long the retractor cables are, the speed at which they retract, and then what happens once they are finished retracting. Maybe on the Air Lifter you want select how high in the sky they float, whether the balloons are indestructible, or if you want the balloons to explode when destroyed. With millions of combinations you’ll be able to play around with these toys in the way that suits your own style. We all know you’re going to stick a booster on a cow – that is inevitable, but what’s going to happen after that will be up to you.

Up, up, and away!

Just Cause 4 has vehicles that you can use to get around in, but that sounds boring when you can practically fly. Using Rico’s wingsuit you are able to glide through the air at fairly long distances. But when you start to lose a bit of speed and get a little too close to the floor you’re able to whip out your grappling hook and use that to gain some more momentum by firing it into the ground in front of you. When you throw your parachute into the mix you’re able to easily soar over mountain tops and across landscapes to reach your destination in style.

World, biomes, and weather, oh my

With the largest world that Avalanche Studios has ever created, Just Cause 4 will have four biomes each with their own distinct environment. Solis is the name of the island nation backdrop for this adventure where you’ll visit rainforests, deserts, alpines, and grasslands. Each biome also has an extreme weather type. From blizzards, to sandstorms, and ferocious tornados, they’ll all test your skills and effect the environment around you. The great thing about the world is that each area can be completed in any order, and if you want to try and shoot straight for the end content of the game right off the bat then you can. But its going to be a lot easier if you complete each region first. I’m sure we’ll see fun speed runs of these attempts.


One of the staples of the Just Cause series has always been it’s over the top action, and of course blowing things up. Throughout the game you’ll be earning Chaos Points to unlock missions and items on Solis. And just one of the ways that you can do this is by making things go boom! There are plenty of destructible objects in the world and by using all of your weapons and gadgets you can definitely have a ton of fun watching the screen fill up with explosions.

Just Cause 4 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 4 December.

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