Destiny 2 Forsaken Tangled Shore Preview: A fistful of glimmer


One step closer to the Dreaming City.

Any doubts I had about a western theme diluting the overall sci-fi tone of Destiny disappear the moment I touch down on the Tangled Shore. As I look out upon its open wasteland, I swear I can hear spurs clicking on my boots as I take my first steps through the desert before me.

After taking out some minor nuisances I decide it’s time to find some allies — old and new — and begin planning my revenge for a fallen gunslinger. I jump on my sparrow and head towards civilisation. On my way, I take in the sites; at first glance, the Tangled Shore looks like a sprawling frontier from the old west. As you look up, gazing at a crazy purple skybox filled with asteroids and alien constructs, you’re instantly remember you’re in Destiny‘s Reef. It’s a perfect mixture of science fiction and western stylings, which drives home how everything in Forsaken makes me sad for its distinct lack of Nathan Fillion. Goodbye Cayde-6 — I miss you, Firefly.

As I make my way to a populated area, I realise I’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I mosey on by what passes for saloons and villages in this fantasy world but the natives aren’t pleased to see me. A cell from the Prison of Elders crashes down on the other side of this Fallen shanty town and I decide to investigate.

Wouldn’t you know it — the cell’s inhabitants aren’t happy to see me. I do my duty as a Guardian and join the ongoing public event, neutralising the threat as the ground around me pulses with ark energy, forcing me to play a game of ‘the floor is lava.’ I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome and decide to leave this one-horse town to continue exploring.

I ride through some interesting Fallen structures and buildings and delve into some of the lost sectors in the area. I’m struck by just how different the lost sectors are from the surrounding scenery; they’re totally separate biomes hiding away just under the surface, each with its own story. Impressed by this I push on in search of what else the Tangled Shore has to offer.

That’s when I see it: an enormous crashed Hive ship. It looks like it landed here after the battle in the reef during The Taken King and I absolutely have to check it out. I look around and find an open door, taking one last look at the purple sky above before beginning my descent into the ship, head swirling with wonder about what I’ll find inside. Immediately, I’m struck by a sense of familiarity — I could swear I’m on the Dreadnaught.

The architecture is so similar it could have come off the same evil Hive production line. I notice the ground is covered with Hive larvae as I continue deeper into the derelict ship. Once I come to the end of the hallway I’ve been following, I’m greeted by Knights and Acolytes praying to a Shrieker. Obviously, I feel it’s my duty to be nosey and break up this religious gathering so I put a stop to whatever shenanigans they are up to and continue on with my business.

As I leave the downed ship I can’t stop thinking of the Dark Tower novels that chronicle the story of a mighty gunslinger. This is fantasy coming to life and I know once I put it down I’ll be craving that mad world again very soon. I’ve got wanted escapees from the Prison of Elders to track down and bounties to claim so I best get my head out of the clouds and be on my way (you can’t take the sky from me).

This is the area I’ll be spending the next few months in and I’m already impressed by its scope and how varied the wild world truly is. The Tangled Shore is amazing, which only leads me to speculate about its nearby locale, the Dreaming City, and the mysteries it holds. From what I’ve seen of this expansion, it’s a great time to be playing Destiny right now. If you’re a lapsed player or you’ve never played at all, Forsaken is the right time to check it all out. I’ll hope to see you all in the wilderness.

Shane Wall was flown to Bungie HQ by Activision Blizzard in order to play Destiny 2 Forsaken early. Accommodation and meals were also covered by the publisher. Says Shane, “thanks to Activision and Bungie. It really was a dream come true for a big fan and I can’t express how much it meant to me.”