All the major changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy

A new season of Rainbow Six Siege is soon to be upon us, and Shadow Legacy is bringing with it plenty to be excited about. There’s a map rework and a brand-new operator to check out, as well as a host of quality of life changes that are sure to have players excited.

First and foremost among the new changes is the Ping 2.0 system that aims to drastically update the now very outdated ping system. Currently players are relegated to a simple yellow ping that doesn’t convey much immediate information, but with Shadow Legacy each ping will now mark and identify enemy players, gadgets and whatever else you want to point out to your team. This contextual ping system is a sorely needed update for Siege, bringing it more in line with Apex Legends and other modern games with more in-depth ping systems.

Next up is the new attacker gadget – the Hard Breach charge. This charge is an explosive that can blow a hole in reinforced walls, allowing attackers to either vault or crouch through. No longer will teams need to rely on Thermite or Hibana to breach open reinforced walls, which in turn opens up far more team composition options for attackers to play with.

The full list of attackers with the gadget so far is as follows:

  • Montagne: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Fuze: – smokes + hard breach charge
  • Capitao: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Ying: – claymore + hard breach charge
  • Lion: – claymore + hard breach charge
  • Finka: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Nokk: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Amaru: – claymore + hard breach charge

To somewhat curb the impact of attackers having that many more breaching options, launch operator Thatcher is seeing a heavy nerf to the way his EMP grenades work. No longer will his grenades destroy defender gadgets, instead they will only disable them for a short amount of time. This time varies from gadget to gadget, with some taking much longer than others to come back online. It’s worth noting that if a defender picks up a disabled gadget, they will be unable to place them again until that disabled timer runs out. RIP Bandit tricking.

The final major change coming in Shadow Legacy is the introduction of a defender Reinforcement Pool. Up until now, defenders have had 2 reinforcements each that they can use to sure up soft walls and make them harder for attackers to breach. In Shadow Legacy, all 10 reinforcements will be in one pool that all defenders can draw from – freeing up roamers to get off site earlier and giving anchors something more to do in the prep phase.

There are a few more, smaller but equally exciting changes coming in Shadow Legacy too, such as the long awaited map ban feature, match replays and the all new looking-for-group app – Squad Finder. All of these changes hitting the test server soon, and players will be able to check them out first hand once Shadow Legacy launches later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4; Shadow Legacy heads to all platforms later this year.

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