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Xbox Series X ray tracing shown off using Minecraft

So pretty (even when blocky).

Xbox Series X ray tracing has been demonstrated using Minecraft, and we’ve got some comparision shots for you to check out.

With ray tracing on, Minecraft looks wholly different (but still blocky). Superpowered lighting means you’ll see reflections on surfaces, improved lighting and shadows without a reliance on HDR and a sense of depth that’s been lacking in the world to date.

To really drive it home, here’s Minecraft with ray tracing off:

… and here’s with it on:

And just for fun, here’s another comparison:

You can also see a real-time comparison thanks to YouTuber Austin Evans; his full hands-on with the Xbox Series X is below.

Stay tuned for more on Xbox Series X. The next-gen console will hit store shelves this coming holiday season.


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