Xbox Game Pass quests will award Microsoft Rewards points


Quests are coming to Australia at some point.

Update: Australians will gain access to Xbox Game Pass quests at some point.

“Xbox Game Pass Quests will be available in additional Rewards markets, coming soon,” a Microsoft representative told Stevivor.

Australia has been confirmed as one of those additional markets, the rep also confirmed with us.

Original story: North American Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play titles to gain access to bonus Microsoft Rewards points, Microsoft today detailed.

“Head to the Xbox Game Pass membership area on your Xbox One console to check out your quests,” Microsoft advised. “Members in the United States who complete their quests will earn Microsoft Rewards points.”

Users who “[c]omplete up to seven exclusive Xbox Game Pass quests” ahead of 3 February will receive 2,100 Microsoft Rewards points.

Quests include the following:

  • Extraction Expert: Complete two specific extraction achievements in Tom Clancy’s The Division to get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement. Complete this before January 31.
  • Metro Redux: Play Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux to complete four specific achievements and get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Adventurer: Bring out your inner adventurer and get up to 200 points when you complete two specific achievements in Strange Brigade. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Achievement Hunter: Get points with your first achievement and continue to complete up to 21 achievements in any combination of Xbox Game Pass games to get a maximum of 600 points.
  • Genre Explorer: Get 300 points when you complete an achievement in three games from different genres.
  • Play something new: Complete an achievement in a Xbox Game Pass title that was added in December to get 100 points.
  • Quest Master: Complete all Xbox Game Pass quests to get an additional 500 points.

Sucks that Aussies don’t get the opportunity, eh? We’ve gone to Microsoft and asked for comment as to why the promotion isn’t available here.

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription program that provides its users with access to a library of over 100 Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on the Xbox One itself.