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X019 said to feature new IP from Obsidian and Rare

New games to be revealed by two of Xbox Game Studio's biggest developers.

The X019 Inside Xbox live stream will reportedly feature reveals of new IP from Microsoft first-party studios Obsidian and Rare.

That’s according to Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners covering the video games industry.

Obsidian released the multiplatform The Outer Worlds just last month, but that was essentially completed before the developer was acquired by Xbox Game Studios. Rare’s most recent release was 2018’s Sea of Thieves.

Microsoft has previously touted the X019 live stream as the “biggest episode ever” of Inside Xbox, so we’re expecting some major announcements.

Stevivor is on the ground in London, so stay tuned for our detailed coverage of all the announcements, hands-on with playable games and interviews with Xbox staff.

You can watch the Inside Xbox X019 stream this Friday 15 November at 7:00am AEDT (that’s 8:00pm GMT on 14 November).


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