Where’s our Call of Duty WWII review?


Coming soon. We promise.

Update: It’s right here!

Original story: We’ll level with you: the embargo time for our Call of Duty WWII review is right this second, and we’ve yet to play a single minute.

Them’s the breaks, eh? Teething problems with digital unlock timings meant we couldn’t even get a review in progress up and running. Rest assured though — Ben Salter’s on the case; expect his thoughts soon (enough).

Until that time, let us ask you this, dear readers: Are you relying upon Call of Duty: WWII reviews to inform you before you decide to purchase the game?

And since it’s already out: are you currently playing WWII? What do you think of it if so?

Feel free to answer either big question (or both) in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter — all feedback will appear just under this.

Call of Duty: WWII is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.