Ubisoft VP resigns following allegations of sexual misconduct

Maxime Beland, a Ubisoft VP of Editorial, has resigned in the aftermath of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Beland and fellow VP Tommy Francois were reportedly suspended in late June as a result of similar allegations. Ubisoft also formed an internal group to “better solutions and tools to detect, report and resolve” further allegations at the same time.

“Maxime Beland, Vice President Editorial, has resigned from his role at Ubisoft, effective immediately,” the company advised in a statement.

“Despite his resignation, we continue to investigate the allegations made against him. Additionally, effective as of [Thursday], Tommy François, Vice President Editorial & Creative Services, has been placed on disciplinary leave pending the outcome of an investigation. One other individual in our Toronto studio has been terminated for engaging in behaviors that do not align with what is expected of Ubisoft employees. Other investigations are ongoing and will be conducted rigorously.

“Ubisoft will not tolerate workplace misconduct and will continue taking disciplinary actions against anyone who engages in harassment, discrimination and other behaviors that infringe on our Code of Fair Conduct.”

We’ll let you know what Ubisoft decides in regards to the two VPs.

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