Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes heading to PC, PS4


No love for Xbox One.

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes will head to both Windows PC and PS4, developer Grasshopper Manufacture has recently confirmed.

The title, already available on Nintendo Switch, will release via Steam on Windows PC. Not much is known beyond that; the dev has promised that more details, including exact release dates, will follow.

Travis Strikes Again is the third title in the No More Heroes franchise and is a fairly big departure from an expected formula. In it, protagonist Travis Touchdown battles in several retro game titles that mean to lean on nostalgia.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes ultimately fails in its implementation of a quirky idea, and that’s a real shame because combat sequences — specifically bosses — are a real delight,” we said in our Switch review. “If you can stomach (all) the filler, it’s a decent title to go and have a hit in.”

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is available now on Nintendo Switch and heads to Windows PC and PS4 at an unspecified release date.