The new Minesweeper and Solitaire is Candy Crush Saga


When you see those “50% of gamers are over 50” statistics, it is usually because they count people who have opened Minesweeper, Solitaire or Hearts in Windows as a gamer. Oh Hearts, it was a life changing moment when I realised that the object was to NOT score points. Anyway, Windows 10 is turning things up with its ‘pack-in’ games, offering up King’s ridiculously popular mobile match three “sign of all that is wrong with games” Candy Crush Saga alongside the traditional titles.

Candy Crush Saga will be installed alongside Windows 10 on all devices, and will include support for cross-play on iOS and Android devices. This will be a devastating blow to my mothers free time if she finds it, having put more hours into Solitaire than I would have my favourite dozen games combined, her and others like her could be the next to fall victim to the Candy Crush craze.

You can find more information over at Xbox Wire.