The Anthem demo explained: Pre-loading, dates, content & more


Lots to digest.

The Anthem demo is set to kick off next week, and we’ve all the details you need right here.

First, there are two demos of sorts: the VIP demo and an open demo. They both run across Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4, though Xbox players will require Xbox Live Gold to take part.

Anthem VIP demo

The first Anthem demo will run between 26-28 January AEDT. It kicks off at 4.00 am AEDT on 26 January and runs until 1.00 pm AEDT on 28 January.

Access will be granted to EA Access subscribers on Xbox One, Origin Access subscribers on PC and those who’ve pre-ordered Anthem itself. Those with access to the VIP demo will be able to invite three other friends. VIP demo participants will receive a gift inside the main game, but that gift has yet to be confirmed.

Pre-loading of the VIP demo will be available from 23 February.

Finally, those playing the VIP demo will have their progress carry over into the open demo, though nothing will carry over into the full game.

Anthem open demo

The open demo is live for all the week following the VIP demo. It runs between 2-4 February, starting at 4.00 am AEDT and ending at 1.00 pm AEDT.

Progress will not carry over into the main game.

Anthem demo content

Players will start at level 10 and can level their character up to level 15. Players will start with the Ranger Javelin and will be able to select one other class along the way.

Content includes a story mission, the Strongholds strike-like mission and access to the Fort Tarsis hub world.

Developed by BioWare, Anthem heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 22 February. EA and Origin Access trials start on 15 February.