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Strategies: How to get a near-perfect NBA 2K15 face scan

Unspoken — or rather, no longer mentioned — friend of the Friendly Fire Show, Matty “Munch” “Manch” Manchester is something of an NBA 2K15 MyPlayer face scanning pro, so we’ve turned to him for tips on how to get the process just right.

“I was so excited to hear they had added a face scan in the new NBA 2K15 game,” he said. “My first thought was I could finally have my player look like me instead of having to create a better looking version of myself. I unfortunately do not own a PlayStation Eye [Camera] so I had to go visit a friend to do it. Once the game was installed and ready to go I jumped straight in to the ‘scan your face’ option.”

You can see his eventual results above and below. Personally, I don’t think the PlayStation Camera got his beard quite right.


“Once selecting the ‘scan your face’ option, all it tells you to do is keep your face in the green box on the screen. I would recommend moving the camera so you can sit to do this.  I found when standing it wouldn’t even get to the scan before telling me “we’re momentarily lost track of your face”. The amount of times I heard it say that was equal to the amount of times I wanted to punch the screen. Even sitting I was still having trouble with even getting it to scan. I eventually looked up on YouTube some helpful tips on how to get it right. After a helpful video [below] I was able to scan my face but it meant having a giant envelope behind my head and a piece of paper held under my chin. That may sound odd but it was to help with the lighting and the fact you have to rotate your head left to right while it scans.”


“I was so happy to have finally sat through a full scan,” Manch continued. “The result was ok but my mouth was almost completely vertical. After having a laugh and being rather disturbed by the result I tried again. This time it had taken a much better scan. The results were much better but I still found it didn’t look that much like me.

“The new customisation option is a great idea but is very frustrating and cumbersome. I have seen some great face scans but unless you have a room perfect for photography it will be difficult. The fact that I had to look up tips was disappointing as well. It clearly doesn’t give you enough in the way of help or instructions for that matter. I hope that 2K keeps this feature and work on it for future titles. If this was easier to use, creating your custom character in future will be a much quicker and easier process.”

How’ve you gone with the face scan process? Give us your tips in the comments, below.

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