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Stevivor’s Game of the Year awards 2012: Best PS3 game

While we didn’t have a problem picking our Xbox 360 GOTY, the PS3 category was MUCH tougher.

In the end, it was downloadable games standing out on PS3 this year, with Journey narrowly beating out titles such as Tokyo Jungle, The Unfinished Swan and Sound Shapes. Full-fledged titles like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Twisted Metal? So far down our voting list. So far.

Journey‘s success lies in the very unique experience it provides to players, as Bryce explains in his piece, “The ideal case for games as art”:

Much the same as Journey itself, I did not know a thing about this person or why they were here. Journey transformed from a simple desert hike to a pilgrimage that defined not only my digital character, but my real persona.

While you can play through every single bit of Journey on your own, and never is a friend needed, adding another human to the game actually evoked emotion inside me. I didn’t know who this person was, I would never be paired up with them again, but during that time and moment I cared about them and our journey together.

Journey ended up just one vote ahead of Sound Shapes and The Unfinished Swan, all amazing downloadable experiences on Sony’s flagship console.

Did we get it right, folks? What’s your PS3 Game of the Year for 2012?

Don’t forget that you get to decide our “Readers’ Choice” GOTY by voting on your favourite title, and you can click here for our full GOTY 2012 coverage.

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