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Steam now lets you play local multiplayer games online

Say hello to Steam Remote Play Together.

The Steam Remote Play Together feature is now in beta, meaning we can all play local multiplayer games online in different spaces.

The feature will support thousands of games from today, including those with local multiplayer, split-screen play or co-op in general. Players will be able to play local multiplayer games with Steam Friends online, streaming video, audio, input and voice between players. You can either use your own controllers as if they were connected to the same PC, or you can share control of keyboard and mouse.

How to use Steam Remote Play Together

  • Join the Steam Beta
  • Launch any local multiplayer game
  • Invite your friends using the Steam Overlay Friends list
  • Select Remote Play Together

Steam Remote Play Together works across Windows PC, Mac and Linux and supports up to four players per game. For more, head to the Steam Blog.

Do you think you’ll use Steam Remote Play Together? Why or why not?


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