Steam Cloud Gaming reference caught in code by dataminer

A Steam Cloud Gaming reference has been spotted in new code for the Steam beta client, once again sparking rumours that Valve is creating its own contender to the likes of Stadia, PlayStation Now and Project xCloud.

“The timed trials and cloud gaming are related to each other, there’s ‘GetCloudGameTimeRemaining’ method,” dataminer Pavel Djundik wrote about his discovery. “We knew about NVIDIA before, but this beta adds more methods for Steam to interact with the NVIDIA cloud. For example, ‘CloudGamingNVIDIAUpdateGameList’.”

Back in November last year, a reference to Steam Cloud Gaming was unearther in Steam’s developer-only portal (via SteamDB).

Valve has yet to comment on the matter, but we’ll have more on Steam Cloud Gaming when it’s made available.

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