Star Trek Picard TV series will air in 2019


Make it so!

The Star Trek Picard television series will air on CBS in 2019, the media company today confirmed.

Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, CBS Chief Creative Officer, David Nivens, made the confirmation.

“There is huge anticipation for [the new] Picard [series],” Nivins said (via TrekMovie). “That will [premiere] at the end of the year [2019].”

Nivins also confirmed that more Star Trek Short Treks will air “in between [Star Trek:] Discovery season two and the Picard series.”

The third Star Trek Short Trek, featuring Discovery‘s Saru, will air later this week. Sadly, Australians don’t have (direct) access to the mini-series as yet.

Star Trek: Discovery season two starts in January; here in Australia, we can stream it via Netflix.