Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery Xbox, PS4 release set for June


Not long to wait, Captains.

Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery will head to Xbox One and PS4 in late June, Perfect World Entertainment today confirmed.

The expansion, heading to PC today, will be available on supported consoles from 25 June.

Rise of Discovery is set in the Star Trek: Discovery era and stars Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Issacs) and Commander Ellen Landry (Rekha Sharma). The expansion features two new missions, The Plausibility of the Possible and Impossibility of Reason, and also adds Discovery Task Force Operations. For more on the expansion, head here.

Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery is available now on Windows PC and heads to Xbox One and PS4 from 25 June. Season two of Star Trek: Discovery has just finished and is available to stream here on Netflix in Australia.