Star Trek Online Awakening with Anthony Rapp live on PC


Star Trek Online Awakening, its latest content addition starring Star Trek Discovery’s Anthony Rapp as Lt. Commender Paul Stamets, is now avaliable on Windows PC.

The content offers players the chance to “warp to the year 2410 and team up with a sentient hologram of Lt. Commander Paul Stamets… to stop the Klingons from destroying the Mycelial Network,” Perfect World said.

“Captains will also discover a new series of patrols to repair rifts in the fabric of space, a brand new Task Force Operation and Mycelial Event to earn a new T6 starship. Plus in the coming weeks, a new ship bundle will be released in the Zen Store, which includes the debut of the U.S.S. Somerville, a special collaboration with the Star Trek Comics by IDW Publishing.”

The content will head to both Xbox One and PS4 at a later date.

Star Trek Online is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4; check out Awakening‘s launch trailer below. Star Trek: Discovery’s first two seasons are available to stream in Australia on Netflix.