Star Trek Lower Decks opening scene: Watch it here

The Star Trek Lower Decks opening scene has been released by CBS as part of online Comic-Con offerings.

Set to premiere on 6 August — though we have no idea how we’ll watch it here in Australia at present — Lower Decks‘ first episode opens with an expanded scene already glimpsed at in promos. Here, we’ll meet Ensigns Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome).

Check out the short scene below.

That’s what Sickbay is for, am I right?

At this year’s (online) Comic-Con, it was revealed that Ensign Mariner has been demoted several times in her career as a Starfleet office. Writer Ben Rodgers said the character “is really bad at taking orders — she’s kind of like Maverick from Top Gun a little bit.”

On the flipside, Ensign Boimler is a little too by-the-book, described by writer Chris Kula as being a “straight shooter” who’s “obsessed with rank”.

Star Trek Lower Decks debuts on 6 August via CBS All Access in America and on Sci-Fi Channel and Crave in Canada; distribution rights for the rest of the world have yet to be confirmed.

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