Sony talks of challenges to its PlayStation Now streaming service


Shawn Layden says streaming is here to stay, but it's not perfect as yet.

Sony’s Shawn Layden has spoken of the challenges faced by PlayStation Now, its video game streaming service.

For those unaware, PlayStation Now provides access to a library of over 600 multi-generational PlayStation games on both PS4 and Windows PC, though isn’t available worldwide. Speaking with CNET, Layden said game streaming is “definitely a thing” but is facing a number of hurdles at the moment.

“The challenge around streaming is that while it may get to a place reasonably quickly that folks who live on top of a good node in SOMA or Seoul or Stockholm can get a good streaming life, if you’re PlayStation and you’re available in 168 countries around the world, streaming will be a thing which will have interest to certain people in certain places,” Layden said.

While PlayStation Now recently opened up to a number of European countries — albeit in a beta — countries like Australia still do not have access to the service.

“For the vast majority of the gaming community, our 94 million PlayStation 4s out there, I think there’s much life left in a local console,” Shawn stated. “If the PlayStation continues to grow at this rate, we can leave no gamer behind.”

To conclude, Layden asserted that “PlayStation is active in and we want to make sure we keep current in that technology.”

Would you subscribe to the PlayStation Now service if you could, Aussies?