Sony PS5 controller patent drops the DualShock 4 lightbar


Can we get rid of the touchpad now please?

A Sony PS5 controller patent has been discovered and doesn’t stray too far from the familiar; in fact, it looks like a PS4 controller without its lightbar.

The patent, first discovered by VGC, shows a controller that’s almost identical to the DualShock 4 apart from the removal of the lightbar. Judging by the design, the DualShock 5’s triggers are slightly larger and the device seems to have two headphone jacks for some reason.

Sony has planned to increase the PS5 controller’s battery life, so extra space for a larger battery and the absense of a power-sucking lightbar seems to be a two-hit punch. Now all we’d like to see is the removal of the touchpad — does anyone even use it?

We’ll have more on the PS5 and its controller as it’s made available.