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Sony offering a 25% discount on a year’s worth of PlayStation Plus for new members


If you aren’t a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you might want to rethink that before 19 September.

From now until 19 September, non-members can sign up for the PlayStation Plus service and receive a 25% discount on a year’s normal fees, bringing the total payable to $52.45 AU.

Said Sony, “September is a bumper month for PlayStation Plus subscribers and we are pleased to confirm that Rockstar’s epic open world Western adventure Red Dead Redemption has been added to the Instant Game Collection. Not only will big titles such as Red Dead Redemption be yours for no extra cost, you can also take advantage of Cloud Storage (soon to see an upgrade to 1GB), automatic updates and a range of other extras PS Plus subscribers frequently enjoy on their PS3!  Last month, it was also revealed that PS Plus will soon be available via PlayStation Vita.”

I’ve got admit that the service is starting to sound very sweet, even when compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service. I’m on my way to sign up now.

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