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Skater XL new beta update brings host of improvements

Skater XL and its new beta update will add “a new level of control and possibilities for player creativity,” Easy Day Studios has confirmed.

The updates, detailed below, are part of the game’s new Public Beta branch, while older features tested as part of a September 2019 update ( will be moved to the main version of the Steam Early Access game.

To access the beta update, do the following:

  • Open Steam
  • Right-click Skater XL and select Properties
  • Select the beta – public beta builds branch

Again, updates are listed below — head here for more details.

New features

  • Powerslides
  • Reverts
  • New animations
    • Backside Smith Grind
    • Courthouse Line
  • Sounds
  • Replay Editor Camera Speed
  • Replay Clip Length Editing
  • Grind physics and friction
  • Autopump & Autorevert

Minor Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Interaction between character and board during bails now possible
  • Reducing ‘sharpness’ filter on game camera for smoother details and edges
  • Increasing sample rate & quality of motion blur in LA Courthouse
  • Applied “de-light” to khaki pants to remove shadows from 3D scanning process
  • Tweaked shadow “cascades” so shadows appear sharper in far distance distance
  • Fix bail momentum stopping randomly
  • Fix for several causes of glitchy respawns
  • Character does not start rolling if spawning on slight slopes until first push
  • Turning when stationary board now pivots on back trucks
  • Character can be rotated in gear menu with L/R triggers
  • More reliable grind exit direction, no more getting caught jumping back and forth trying to exit a grind
  • Pin removed from replay editor
  • Push speed increases smoothly with each push rather than in one sudden instant
  • Improved brake friction
  • Removed wheel sounds from menu
  • Added collider to LA Courthouse stage roof – have at it!
  • Performance improvements

Skater XL is currently available via Steam Early Access and it also planned for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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