Rumours suggest Scalebound may be released on Switch


But are people grasping at straws?

Rumours are flying around the internet that suggest that Platinum Games’ Scalebound may be released for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Insider appears to be leading the charge, suggesting that the title once to be published for Xbox One and Windows PC by Microsoft Game Studios before its cancellation in January 2017, has somehow found new life with Nintendo. The site points to an anonymous source bolstered by a comment made by GameInformer’s Imran Khan who said there’s a “game that’s thought to be dead that Nintendo’s reviving.”

Not a lot to go on there, eh? It’s unclear as to who owns the rights to Scalebound, so it is admittedly possible that Platinum Games is able to take the IP to Nintendo and work on it much like Sega’s done with the Bayonetta franchise.

Stevivor had a behind-closed-doors look at Scalebound during Gamescom 2016, and let me tell you — the game was cancelled for a reason. Talk about a stinker.

We’ll keep you informed as more on the fate of Scalebound is made clear; for now, we’d take these rumours with a salt shaker full of salt. For now, the only thing we know for sure is that Platinum is hard at work on the newly announced Astral Chain, also planned for Nintendo Switch.