Bethesda may be adding pay-to-win Lunch Boxes into Fallout 76


Say it ain't so!

Fans are terrified that Bethesda might be adding pay-to-win Lunch Box microtransactions into Fallout 76.

Redditor despotak has noted that Fallout 76’s changelog details the potential addition of Lunch Boxes as part of a special holiday event. Lunch Boxes originated in Fallout Shelter; obtainable through in-game progress, they could also be purchased for real world cash and contained valuable crafting items and outfits. At the moment, it’s unclear what Fallout 76‘s Lunch Boxes will do, nor if they will remain in-game after the special event.

A Bethesda Community Manager has already jumped on the Reddit thread and stated that the feedback against the inclusion of pay-to-win mechanics will get “passed along to the proper folks.”

Fallout 76 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.