“Awakened” DLC for Dead Space 3 rumoured to launch 3 March


We’ve known that the first piece of DLC for Dead Space 3 – titled “Awakened” – has been coming for some time. Now it’s rumoured that the content will be available from 3 March. A post from the official Dead Space 3 Twitter account (which has since been deleted; screenshot below) clearly indicated that the content would launch on 3 March. However, after the tweet was deleted and when asked about the date later the response reverted back to the previous March window with “no precise dates” as yet.


As 3 March is a Sunday we certainly wouldn’t take it as gospel that the content will launch then but it certainly is tantalising.  Joystiq reached out to EA who said they have “not announced a specific release date in March for Dead Space 3 “Awakened”.”

More Dead Space is a good thing, whenever it comes.