Ruck Me is an erotic AFL video game


Just what everyone was asking for.

Ruck Me is the working title of a new erotic AFL video game by Robert Yang.

Yang, a VR professor at the NYU Game Center, is also a developer known for previous gay erotic works such as The Tearoom, Stick Shift, Rinse and Repeat and Cobra Club (to name a few; the rest of his works can be found here).

Ruck Me is no different, with Yang taking to Twitter to advise that he’s “working on this erotic australian football game [but]… having trouble finding enough flagrantly suggestive video footage of sweaty burly shirtless aussie footy jocks leering at each other.” That quickly changed when Yang realised he could go straight to the websites of various AFL teams and get the footage he was after.

Ruck Me is planned for an August 2018 release on PC.

Thanks, Kotaku.