Riot Games does a little positive reinforcement with League of Legends players


They say a little positive reinforcement never goes astray, and the developers of League of Legends are looking to show their rule-abiding player base a little love.

Season 4 of ranked play has now officially ended and only one patch remains until the preseason shake up begins. To celebrate, Riot Games have announced that a four-win IP boost will be given to all of its well-behaved players. If you’ve managed to avoid chat restrictions, bans, or punishments of any kind during season 4 you can expect the boost to appear in the next few weeks.

Additionally, if you feel you’re a particularly positive player in League of Legends, you can invite Rioters to view your chat logs from previous games. If they’re suitably impressed with your chat history you may find yourself receiving an additional reward. Riot has yet to release just what that is, but an email account verified by Riot is required to be eligible.

Currently the chat log submission is only open to North American players, but word is other regions will have the chance to submit theirs for review soon.

So keep an eye on the Oceanic League of Legends account for your chance to have a crack at Riot’s special reward, and remember to stay positive.

More details, and some North American chat logs, can be found here.

Update: Chat log sharing is now available on the Oceanic server. Hit up the Oceanic League of Legends boards here for a shot at the mystery reward.