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World of Warcraft Subreddit wants protesting moderator gone

Gee, you abuse your position of power to make one little statement of protest, and everybody wants you gone. As detailed yesterday, a Reddit moderator took down the World of Warcraft Subreddit until he could log in to the game as a protest against the poor state of the servers, caused by the launch traffic from the latest expansion Warlords of Draenor and a DoS attack on Blizzard over the weekend. Now as a result of his one man statement, community members want him replaced, preferably with somebody who won’t take their forum down for hours in a futile protest against server issues that were largely out of Blizzard’s control.

I don’t care much for internet politics like this, but it is an interesting case study in methods of protest. I imagine this moderator expected support from the similarly disgruntled community, but taking away the place where they can express that frustration at a time when they needed it was hardly the way to go about it. It is likely this drama will be buried and forgotten in a week as players spend more time playing the expansion and less time talking about it on Reddit.

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