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Resident Evil Resistance isn’t canon, Capcom confirms


Resident Evil Resistance isn’t canon, Capcom has recently revealed in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar).

Resident Evil 3 Producer, Peter Fabiano, confirmed that the 4v1 asymmetrical  Resistance is “basically set in Raccoon City with scenarios that make it impossible to fit in the actual timeline”, though players can expect to “see familiar enemies and characters like Mastermind.”

Fabiano also explained why Capcom decided to bundle Resistance with RE3 itself.

“You’ll remember that the Japanese subtitle for RE3 was Last Escape,” Fabiano continued. “Both of these titles have characters that are trying to escape somewhere or something, so thematically it made sense. We also wanted to take up the challenge of building out an online game set in the RE universe.”

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 3 April 2020.


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