Resident Evil 7: We now know who will star in the free “Not a Hero” DLC

Update: Capcom has confirmed the DLC’s protagonist as Chris Redfield.

Original story: Finishing Resident Evil 7 in the wake of its version 1.01 patch sheds new light on the protagonist of its upcoming, free “Not a Hero” DLC.

This is your last spoiler alert. You have been warned.

From the look of the teaser image that greets you upon completion, you’ll be playing “Not a Hero” as none other than Chris Redfield himself.

Or is that ‘Chris Redfield’? If you’re not sure what we mean by that, you might want to read here. The character’s name (or ‘name’) is based off of information given at the end of the game. Based on the title of the DLC itself, it appears that all is not as it seems…

According to the teaser, the DLC will be available in spring 2017 (or autumn 2017 here in Australia). A Capcom rep has specifically stated we’ll see the content in May.

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    • It’s probably because Ethan Winters is “Ethan W. – Deceased,” a Level 9 Umbrella scientist who according to a journal in RE5 was supposed to be purged on Spencer’s orders by Wesker. He would’ve had to fake his death, but his weapons training, chemistry know-how, lack of interest in B.O.W.s or his own E-series infection, and immunity to Eveline’s mind control, all indicate that Ethan is indeed a man with significant experience handling and perhaps being exposed to B.O.W.s.

      Since Mia — also clearly a trained operative with automatic weapons training — had to lie to Ethan about taking the Eveline job, Ethan clearly still distrusts Umbrella, despite the fact that Spencer and Wesker are now dead. Using the name “Chris Redfield,” an international anti-B.O.W. hero, Hunk might convince Ethan that he can trust this “new” Umbrella with a blue-and-white logo, at least enough to get on the chopper.

      I will add that not only do I share the opinion that it’s Hunk, aka “Mr. Death,” but I think there’s significant proof. For starters, his “shoot on sight” attitude is not the Chris we know. When he finally appears, he descends from Hunk’s signature chopper, wearing Hunk’s signature gas mask. To top it off, when he reveals his face, it matches uncannily the only other official photo we have of him. And of course, last but not least, it makes the DLC title “Not a Hero” actually make sense, especially if it includes a reveal that literally, this man is an impostor, not a hero.

    • My fave pic online of this has a pic of each character, with the captions “This Chris Redfield is a hunk. This Hunk is a chris redfield.” on them :).

      • Because if there’s ever a plot twist, they tell you in advance that there’s a plot twist? I mean, it’s not like they would have put “Guy Who Says He’s Chris Redfield” in the credits, right?

        • exactly. They want to drive us crazy first. They wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. Everyone got spoiled back in the day about Carla pretending to be Ada. Now capcom is being more careful. They want us to think that is Chris until we play the dlc and find out that is actually Hunk.

      • But theres an animated movie yet to be released titled resident evil vendetta which uses his resident evil 6 appearance and voice(I think, watch the trailer and judge for yourself)

      • it’s not Chris, is Hunk pretending to be him. Capcom intends to release the Movie Resident Evil Vendetta around the same time as the DLC Not a Hero. I believe the movie and the dlc tie each other.

  • What if like they’re using Umbrella like some sort of irony like since they used to be all evil nd stuff now it’s being used for good?

    Or some weird brainwashing plot :/ Either way im hyped!

  • I don’t belive that’s “real” Chris, even if this umbrella corp. can be trust, Chris would be the first person to keep a eye open about that.

    1º We all know Chris, we all know how much, Chris hates umbrella corporation and all things linked with Wesker, even more after they used Jill and, killed Piers and his whole squad by the “neo umbrella”, so if he Chris for real, there’s some good point for him doing that, but that’s the most unlikely idea, i mean, if this umbrella for real, they never would trust to put Chris inside on they plans. I mean, man… Chris have fucking they plans a lots of times, if they would trust in some old S.T.A.R.S member or BSAA it would never be Chris.

    2º He can be on controled by someone like happened with jill on resident evil 5, everybody remeber about Jill being controled by Wesker on resident evil 5, and Jill realy did bad things.

    3º This can sound kind strange but, maybe umbrella corporation finded a way to clone Chris, and before you ask “why”, well Chris is a respected leader, and recognized by his acts on S.T.A.R.S and BSAA, if umbrella finded a way to clone Chris, that’s means they can use this to get a lots of kinds of informations on BSAA and others agents, not just that, Chris is the kind a guy who every BSAA member would trust without hesitating, givin info, intels, you know.