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Resident Evil 7 demo: “It’s not actually a slice from the game”


Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo is a separate experience than Resident Evil 7 itself.

“The demo, just to make it clear, first and foremost, it’s not actually a slice from the game; it isn’t the opening sequence of the game or anything like that,” Resident Evil’s developers said through a translator on a Capcom Twitch stream.

“We really wanted to focus on what concepts we want the players to understand about the game — with the demo — that’s horror, obviously. So this is kind of like a tonal preview of what to expect in the game rather than an actual little bit of the game content in advance.”

You can see the confirmation for yourself at 14 minutes and 10 seconds:

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One thing’s for certain, then — if this is a separate experience, the mysterious dummy finger HAS to have a purpose in the demo.

While we’re certainly engrossed with the demo’s mystery, we’re not convinced it fits as a Resident Evil title.

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