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Resident Evil 7 demo: All the endings we’ve uncovered so far

While still not a traditional Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7‘s demo is more layered than we originally thought. It’s providing mysteries that are quite appealing, we quite readily admit.

As such, we thought we’d lay out the endings we’ve experienced, alongside tips on how to achieve them.

Spoilers obviously lay ahead.


These are sort of spoiler-free if you want to try them yourself.

  • “Linear” — Find the bolt cutter, find the tape, find the key and then leave the house. Video here.
  • “The first call” — Find the fuse, go up the fuse-driven stairs, answer the phone. Video here.
  • “The second call” — A mix of the first — Follow #1 but don’t try to leave the house. Then do #2 and answer the phone. The phone conversation is different. Video here.
  • “The third call” — “Wake up, run as fast as you can to get the fuse and go upstars, Get up the stairs WITHOUT THE MANNEQUINS TURNING AROUND TO LOOK AT YOU [editor’s note: so keep looking at them], you get a third new message.” (Thanks, Moon Moon!)
  • “Endings five and six?” — According to a YouTuber, a Capcom dev has said there are “four or five extra endings” plus a main one.
Not quite endings, but weird stuff / Puzzles not figured out yet
  • This happens in the VHS portion of the demo — it’s creepy. See her? That same ghost girl appears a couple other times. “You can also find a Ghost girl in 3 different parts when you go back in time with the VHR. To trigger that you need to walk slowly behind the guy when Andre disappears, she appears completely random in one of the three places, The first one is up the stairs, the second is in the doll Room, and the third one is exactly when you go downstairs.” (Thanks, Moon Moon!)
  • That same girl ghost also appears outside.
  • People seem to think the girl ghost appears seven times, and getting her to appear in one run will trigger something. We don’t know what yet.
  • There’s a lockpick near the microwave in the VHS portion of the demo. It unlocks a small drawer in the kitchen that provides an axe in the present-day… though no one can figure out what exactly it does. Video here.
  • The axe can be used to break boxes on the second level of the house, and boxes near the telephone too. The only mannequin that can be destroyed is the one near the phone; the ones on the second level are seemingly invulnerable. Why?
  • Try playing the piano. You know, for kicks.
  • The photo near the phone has a caption that reads, “Are they watching us from that helicopter” when you turn it over. What does it mean?
  • Shapes or silhouettes have been found on the wall in the phone room if you hold the axe near it to cast shadows.
  • The game’s German Facebook page is adamant that the game’s lone weapon, an axe, can be used somehow in the attic. The Community Manager also hinted that there’s something more to the photo of the Umbrella helicopter.
  • The barred door upstairs sometimes doesn’t appear with a door, but the axe won’t break through planks blocking your patch. There is an entire room back there that we can’t seem to access though…
  • Observation: It doesn’t seem like items obtained in one time period will remain in your inventory in another. Are we wrong?
  • Observation: A number of people think the person on the other end of the phone call is none other than Ada Wong — what do you think?
  • Observation: “If you answer the phone, then manage to finnagle yourself down the stairs without getting piched in the head by the hillbilly, then the 3 mannequins near the wall that were originally facing away from the wall are now all facing towards the wall. probably insignificant?” (Thanks, Mike!)
  • Observation: You can stop the VHS recording through the pause menu. Doing so blocks you from getting the back door key.
  • Observation: There’s an arrow pointing upwards on a shelf in the room with the TV. What’s it pointing to? EDIT: It’s everywhere!
  • Obeservation: The serial number on the initial start screen (with all the colour bars) matches the same serial number of the Resident Evil: Director’s Cut — the same one that came with a demo for the yet-to-be-released Resident Evil 2. Does that mean we’re getting a RE2 Remake demo soon?
  • Maximilian of Elgato Gaming sort of confirmed that the axe does nothing and the dummy finger does. Or not. It’s weird.

It’s the mannequin finger that’s really bugging us.

If you have encountered other endings or mysterious things, let us know how to achieve or find them in the comments below.

The Resident Evil 7 beta is currently open to all PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4.

This couldn’t be possible without help from the legend that is Jeremy. Thank you, sir!


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