Resident Evil 7: Capcom admits ‘roided-up Redfield looked “deformed”


Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield looks drastically different in Resident Evil 7 because his character model looked “deformed” in the “photo realistic” game, Capcom today admitted.

Redfield, a protagonist in the original Resident Evil (below left in a comparison shot), has undergone many transformations over the franchise. He was a regular looking Joe early on before ‘roiding-up for Resident Evil 5.

In the franchise’s newest game, Capcom said that “each character is made on the premise of photo realistic depiction, and Chris Redfield… also receives a pretty impressive impression.”

That meant Redfield had to change. Again.

“Although it is fairly realistic impression, even if it mixes with the character of [Resident Evil 7] it seems that a sense of incongruity will come out,” Director Kōshi Nakanishi said (via Google Translate).

Nakanishi asserts that Redfield’s model was toned down from 5 (below right in a comparison shot), and a “pretty real impression” in Resident Evil 6 (above left), but that the model nonetheless looked “deformed” in 7.

“The head is different from the real person, and the way of making the data is totally different. So I searched for a model and started again from the photo scan, [Resident Evil 7] Chris was born,” Nakanishi continued.

Redfield’s newest character model can be seen in the topmost image to the right.

The admission by Capcom seems to debunk a popular theory that the Redfield in Resident Evil 7 isn’t actually a Redfield at all. We’ll find out more when Redfield’s DLC, “Not a Hero”, heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

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