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Resident Evil 2 datamine hints at new modes, returning characters

Spoilers lie ahead.

A special Resident Evil 2 datamine has suggested the game will receive a new mode alongside the return of characters from other games in the franchise.

According to a datamine posted on Resetera and Reddit, the demo’s .exe file hides a lot of secrets. First and foremost is the suggestion the game houses several different modes, including:

  • Leon A
  • Claire B
  • Claire A
  • Leon B
  • Ada the Spy
  • 4th Survivor
  • Tofu Survivor

Noodle suggests that ‘Ada the Spy’ might merely refer to Ada’s playable sections in the main game, but with that in mind, players will certainly play as Sherry Birkin and that’s not referenced above.

Moreover, the datamine refers to a new mode called Rogue, complete with functionality including character select, costume select and something that records enemy kills.

Finally, characters including Chris Redfield (Resident Evil) and Ethan Winters (Resident Evil 7) are listed, leading many to believe they’re playable characters in Rogue. Is it something akin to Mercenaries? Time will tell.

Resident Evil 2 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 25 January 2019.


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