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Report: Xbox One runs noisily when used without Kinect

A thread posted on NeoGAF is suggesting that when the Xbox One is used without Kinect, an excessive amount of noise can be heard coming from the console’s HDD.

The poster includes numerous examples of other users suffering the issue which includes comments like, “Ouch. Seems I am one of the unfortunate ones that had to wait since november last year for the console to be officially released, only to get one of the numerous (all of them?) kinectless consoles which make noise in the dashboard.”

Other users have expressed similar sentiments. “Whenever it’s turned on it makes this weird, almost creaking-like noise”, “It seems very widespread – to the point where it’s about to redefine what’s ‘normal'”,”having a coil whining noise from the console when not playing games” and “This noise issue is definitely related to the Kinect not being plugged in. I’ve had mine since launch, and it’s always been dead silent, but the Kinect has always been plugged in”.

The original poster included a link to the official Xbox forums in which a user describes a similar issue. The Xbox representative in that case advised that the console should be returned to the retailer it was purchased from or sent to Microsoft for repairs.

Many of the commenters on the site agree that the problem seems to stem from a lack of Kinect being plugged into the console. It also seems to only be an issue while on the dashboard with the noise stopping while playing a game or other media.

A search of #XboxNoise on Twitter reveals that the problem seems widespread. We’ve reached out to Microsoft and will update this story as we learn more.

Are you having issues with a noisy Xbox One without Kinect? Let us know about it in the comments.

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