Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is a wild west limited time event


Ready your six-shooter.

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is a limited time game mode on now, Ubisoft has today confimred.

Showdown is set on a limited time map called Fort Truth and is a 3v3 shootout that’s meant to be a “trip back to the gunslinger wild west,” Ubisoft said in a press release.

“This limited game mode will see two trios of Attackers and Defenders competing with only a BOSG.12.2 and a Magnum LFP586 in hand to face off against each other,” the release continued. “Moreover, Showdown will introduce a limited HUD where health, ammo, and crosshairs are stripped away, and no preparation phase is allowed.”

Those who log into Siege during the Showdown event, which runs from now until 16 July, will get a free Showdown Collection Pack.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.