This is what a PS5 dev kit looks like


And they look weird.

We’ve got our first look at what a PS5 dev kit looks like thanks to a recently discovered patent and confirmation from a developer at Codemasters.

First, Dutch site LetsGoDigital uncovered a patent it believe covered a PS5 dev kit. The images attached to the patent can be seen above. The story was picked up my Metro UK, and thus caught the attention of Matthew Stott, a Senior Artist at Codemasters.

Stott, who has now set his Twitter account to private, tweeted about the patent, saying, “it’s a dev kit we have some in the office.”

So there you have it — PS5 dev kits are out in the wild and look… strange, really. We’ll have more on the PS5 as it becomes available; in the meantime, head here for all we know about the next-gen console.