Power Rangers Battle for the Grid highlights Lord Drakkon


Ripped straight from the comics.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid‘s latest trailer is all about the villainous Lord Drakkon.

Ripped straight from Boom! Comics, Lord Drakkon is an alternate universe version of Green Ranger (or White Ranger, or Red Ranger or Black Ranger) Tommy Oliver. In his universe, Tommy aligned with Rita Repulsa to eventually take control over the entire world. To say the guy has a lust for power looks to be somewhat of an understatement.

As Battle for the Grid‘s latest trailer details — and mirroring the event’s of Boom! Comics’ Shattered Grid run — it looks like Lord Drakkon isn’t settling for just one conquered world. As a bonus treat, we’ve also included a trailer for Shattered Grid that features the original television Tommy, Jason David Frank, as Drakkon.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid heads to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch in April. A Windows PC release will follow at a later date.