Pokémon Go: The Royal Children’s Hospital asks that Trainers don’t drop Pokéstop Lures


Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital [RCH] has asked that well-meaning Pokémon Go players refrain from dropping Pokéstop Lures around its buildings.

A number of Trainers have taken to Facebook groups all around the world with the charitable suggestion. In theory, it’s a great idea: a Lure, placed on a hospital-based Pokéstop, draws more Pokémon to that area. Any Trainers that can access the Pokéstop benefit from an increased number of Pokémon to therefore catch.

In reality things are more complicated, as a response from the hospital itself explains.

“Patients at the RCH are among the sickest in Victoria,” a spokesperson from the Royal Children’s Hospital told Stevivor.

“Unfortunately, Pokémon Go can create many challenging issues, as well as safety concerns, for the hospital and patients, and may impede medical staff in their work.

“We have lots of entertainment and distractions for our patients, who are confined to wards and unable to move about the hospital. Placing lures around the hospital, when children cannot leave their rooms, may create unrealistic expectations, and subsequently, much disappointment.”

Simply put, a Pokéstop just out of a child’s reach will have the opposite effect the well-intended Trainer was hoping for.

“While we understand everyone’s good intentions, we would prefer if people did not place ‘lures’ at the RCH,” the spokesperson concluded. “We know everyone means well, and appreciate that the kids are in their thoughts.”

There are still a number of great ways to help the Royal Children’s Hospital tend to sick children. Perhaps the best is to financially support the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, an organisation that helps fund the hospital and its works.

Please help spread the word to well-meaning Trainers in Melbourne and abroad.

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Thanks, Cha and Matt.