PlayStation Plus September Instant Game Collection titles announced

The September line-up of PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection has been announced via the PlayStation Blog. Once again Sony has a range of games available across PS4, PS4 and PS Vita.

On PlayStation 4, Sony is offering acrade SHMUP Velocity 2X. Players will attack moon bases, alien planets and space stations in an attempt to overthrow the tyrannical Vokh Empire. Velocity 2X is cross-buy compatible with PS Vita.

Also on PS4 (and PS3) is Sportsfriends. Funded by Kickstarter, Sportsfriends is a collection of four party games included the excellent interfaceless Johann Sebastian Joust.

On PlayStation 3subscribers can download both PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and HOARDPSABR is a melee brawler in the style of Super Smash Bros and HOARD is a co-op action RPG. In our review of PSABR we wrote, “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is not an awful game, and while this review may seem overly critical there is fun to be had. Like I said in the beginning, PSASBR is not Super Smash Bros. but maybe it should have been more like it. In trying to be too different from Nintendo’s franchise, Superbot went too far and removed what worked for the genre and replaced them with things that don’t.”

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is also cross-buy compatible with PS Vita.

On the PS Vita in September is tube shooter TxK and sidescrolling race/platformer Joe Danger.

All new titles will be available to download on 3 September with Road Not Taken, Crysis 3, Metrico, Proteus, Fez and LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 leaving the Instant Game Collection.

How do you feel about September’s offerings?

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