Platinum Games: Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have been made if not for Wii U exclusivity

In a recent presentation, Platinum Games’ Creative Producer JP Kellams explained the company’s decision to make Bayonetta 2 a Wii U exclusive. In short, the game wouldn’t have been made without assistance from Nintendo.

“Without getting into some stuff that is both business and confidential, the simple question I’d like to ask you is, ‘Do you want to play Bayonetta 2?’ Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo white knighting that project,” said Kellams. “So while I totally understand that people want to play it on the platforms that they’ve played it on previously, we really wanted to make Bayonetta 2.

“But if you were going to sell a game on a Nintendo platform, what publisher would you choose? Right, Nintendo. Right? So if you’re going to sell a game on a Nintendo platform, the publisher that you want to be with is Nintendo because they know how best to service their audience and they’re going to do the best job of explaining your game to that platform.

“You very rarely see huge, major third-party successes on Nintendo platforms because it’s really hard to fight against Mario, right? It’s why Universal isn’t as big as Disney. I mean, it’s really hard to fight somebody on that kind of turf, so…”

The original Bayonetta was published by Sega. This time around, Bayonetta 2 is being published by Nintendo. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

“We really wanted to make Bayonetta 2,” he continued. “And Bayonetta 2 is a project that we were passionate about. And when we couldn’t… when the business situation changed and we couldn’t make it the way that we were originally planning on making it, we definitely wanted to make sure that our project survived. I’ve seen Bayonetta 2 – I look at it every single day of my life when I’m in the office. It’s really cool and the world is going to be a better place because Bayonetta 2 is in it.”

A release date for Bayonetta 2  has not yet been set. It will (obviously) be a Wii U exclusive title.

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